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Superman: The Man of Steel Annual comic books issue 2 1992-1994

  • Issue #2
    Superman The Man of Steel (1991) Annual 2

    The BLOODLINES Summer Annual crossover event continues from Lobo (1993) Annual #1. In "Cutting Edge," a gigantic otherworldly shape hurtles toward the Earth and the new Man of Steel (John Henry Irons) is the first hero to encounter the insatiable extraterrestrial parasites that erupt from within. As monstrous in their grotesque proportions as in their inhuman fury, the seven parasites embark on their mysterious campaign of slaughter and terror. Tom O'Brien somehow lives through the parasites' deadly onslaught...only to find his body has strangely transformed into Edge, whose very flesh is a deadly weapon. The BLOODLINES saga continues in Batman Shadow of the Bat Annual (1993) #1. Written by Louise Simonson, with art by Eddy Newell and Mike Barreiro. Cover by Christian Alamy. 68 pages. Cover price $2.50.