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Thor comic books issue 468 1992-1994

  • Issue #468
    Thor (1962-1996 1st Series Journey Into Mystery) 468

    Cover pencils by M. C. Wyman, inks by Mike DeCarlo. Blood and Thunder part 1 of 13, "Distant Thunder," script by Ron Marz, pencils by Bruce Zick, inks by Mike DeCarlo; In Asgard, Odin muses on Thor being absent from Asgard and his state of mind; Thor, meanwhile, is being persuaded by the Mind Valkyrie to raze not only Asgard, but all the Nine Worlds; While Thor rages, Sif and Beta Ray Bill look on, determined to try to talk sense into Thor; Thor strikes Sif down, when Bill appears; Thor easily defeats the both of them; Bill pleads for Sif to leave to gather more allies, or warn Odin if necessary; Sif leaves via the Norn Stones, and Thor strikes Bill with enough force to shatter the asteroid they were fighting upon; Before Thor can deliver the killing stroke though, the Silver Surfer arrives. 16-page insert on the Midnight Sons. Bullpen Bulletins. 52 pgs., full color. $1.25. Cover price $1.25.