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What If? comic books issue 43 1983-1985

  • Issue #43
    What If (1977 1st Series) 43

    Cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz. "What if Conan the Barbarian were Stranded in the 20th Century?", script by Peter B. Gillis, art by Bob Hall; Still trapped in the 20th century, Conan becomes a gang leader; Guest starring Captain America. "Behold," script and pencils by Mark Gruenwald, inks by Jack Abel; After the destruction of Earth-82432, the three sole survivors--Dr. Strange, Phoenix, and the Silver Surfer—return; The three attempt to resurrect Eternity, but are dissuaded by Eternity's ghost, who wants to act as an object lesson for the multiverse; The Silver Surfer and Phoenix then leave for parts unknown, but Dr. Strange reasons that, as a Sorcerer Supreme, he would not be welcome in another Sorcerer Supreme's universe; Based on What if #32. Cover price $1.00.

  • Issue #43
    What If (1977 1st Series) Canadian Price Variant 43

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    Canadian Edition with $1.25 cover price. "What If Conan Were Stranded in the 20th century?" Script by Peter Gillis, art by Bob Hall. Guest starring Captain America. Also in this issue: "Behold." Script and pencils by Mark Gruenwald, inks by Jack Abel. Starring Doctor Strange, the Silver Surfer, and Phoenix (of the X-Men). Bill Sienkiewicz cover. Cover price $1.25.