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Unbelievable Gwenpool TPB (2016- Marvel) 5-1ST

  • Issue #5-1ST
    Unbelievable Gwenpool TPB (2016- Marvel) 5-1ST Unbelievable Gwenpool TPB (2016- Marvel) 5-1ST

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    Volume 5 - 1st printing. "Lost in the Plot!" Collects Gwenpool (2016) #21-25.

    Written by Christopher Hastings. Art by Gurihiru and Irene Strychalsk. Cover by Gurihiru.

    Gwenpool: Avenger?! That's the goal she's set her sights on!

    Since arriving in the Marvel Universe from the real world, Gwen Poole has made a name for herself by teaming up with Spider-Man and the Mighty Thor, and tackling villains such as M.O.D.O.K. and Arcade. No one can top her combination of demolition and off-the-wall adventure - so naturally, she wants her place among Earth's Mightiest Heroes! And to get their attention, she's targeting the biggest and baddest foes she can think of, starting right at the top of the list with...Doctor Doom! But when the Unbelievable Gwenpool takes on the Infamous Doom at last, only one of them makes it out in one piece.

    Plus: With time not on Gwen's side, she turns to one of her dearest friends - Batroc the Leaper is back!

    Softcover, 112 pages, full color.

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