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Lone Ranger (1948-1962 Dell) 104

  • Issue #104
    Lone Ranger (1948-1962 Dell) 104
    • Pedigree: John G. Fantucchio
    • From the John G. Fantucchio collection, but comic does not include a certificate of authenticity.

    Painted cover art by Hank Hartman. Article on various types of Indian boats. Dan Reid's Secret Hide-out, script by Paul S. Newman, art by Tom Gill; A band of outlaws have taken residence in the abandoned cabin in which Grandma Frisby raised Dan Reid, the Lone Ranger's nephew. Silver's Race, script by Paul S. Newman, art by Tom Gill; The Lone Ranger enters a 'Land Rush' race to claim a river's source for a band of homesteaders. Hurricane, script by Gaylord Du Bois, art by Jon Small; Young Hawk and Little Buck are on a small island off the tip of Florida, but later a hurricane floods the island; They rescue a small boy from the island before rising waters set them adrift; Days later they land on the Yucatan Peninsula. Based on the popular Western TV series. 36 pages, full color. Cover price $0.10.