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Sensation Comics (1942) 1

  • Issue #1
    Sensation Comics (1942) 1
    • Paper: Off white
    • Label #1076379002

    Cover art by Harry G. Peter (Wonder Woman only) and Jon L. Blummer. Untitled Wonder Woman story, script by William Moulton Marston [as Charles Moulton], art by Harry G. Peter [signed as H. G. Peter]; Wonder Woman takes Steve Trevor to America and purchases the identity of nurse Diana Prince so that she can remain near Steve; soon, in order to earn some money she'll need, she begins to perform her "bullets and bracelets" routine, not realizing her promoter is stealing all the profits. Black Pirate story, script and art by Sheldon Moldoff. Mr. Terrific story, script by Charles Reizenstein, art by Hal Sharp. The Gay Ghost story, script by Gardner F. Fox, art by Howard Purcell. Gunner Godbee text story by George S. Hurst Jr. Little Boy Blue story, script by Bill Finger, art by Jon L. Blummer. Green Lantern Quarterly #1 & All-Flash Quarterly #2 ad. Wildcat origin story, script by Bill Finger, art by Irwin Hasen. 68 pgs. $0.10. 1st cover appearance of Wonder Woman. Her first appearance in a comic book was in All Star Comics #8, but she did not appear on the cover. Cover price $0.10.