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X-Factor (1986 1st Series) 68

  • Issue #68
    X-Factor (1986 1st Series) 68
    Published Jul 1991 by Marvel.
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    • Paper: White
    • Slab: Scuffing on back of case
    • Label #3814081022

    Endgame! Part 4 of 4. "Finale!" Guest-starring the Inhumans. Cameo by the Watcher. Story by Whilce Portacio, Jim Lee, and Chris Claremont. Art by Whilce Portacio and Art Thibert. In a world ruled by Apocalypse only the strong survive. If X-Factor can't stop the power hungry mutant here and now, that's exactly the kind of place this world will become. But first they'll have to get past the Riders of the Storm and the brainwashed Inhumans. Plus, in order to save the world and the life of his infant son, Cyclops must make the ultimate sacrifice. NOTE: This is a pivotal issue. This is when Nathan Summers, as a baby, is sent into the future where he'll eventually grow-up to become the freedom fighter known as Cable. Cover price $1.00.