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  • Item #22172117

    Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters (2011 IDW) 1SET NM- 9.2 Set Variant

    Ended May 23 2011
    Winning Bid $305

    This 78 piece set contains the regular A and B cover, the 1 for 10 Variant Cover, our Lone Star Comics customized variant autographed by the artist Matt Frank as well as all 74 First Printing Retailer Customized Variants for Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #1!

    Please note that some additional variant covers were released in a second printing. Those second printing variants are not included in this set, except for a bonus copy of the Downtown Comics variant. Special thanks to Pete Kilmer and Downtown Comics for sending that along. Full list of second printing variants

    The complete list of first print variants in this set and their condition are as follows:

    1. Lone Star Comics Customized Variant (autographed)(NM)
    2. Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #1A (NM)
    3. Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #1B (NM)
    4. Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #1RI (NM)
    5. 8th Street Books & Comics (NM)
    6. 13.Gezegen (NM)
    7. Acme Comics (FN Denting, Cover scuffing)
    8. Alakazam! Comics (NM)
    9. Alternate Universe (FN Moderate corner creases)
    10. Astro-Zombies (NM)
    11. Austin Books & Comics (NM)
    12. Bedrock City (NM)
    13. Bell, Book & Comic (NM)
    14. Big Dog Comics (VF Minor corner damage)
    15. Big Easy Comics (NM)
    16. Brave New World Comics (NM)
    17. Bridge City Comics (NM)
    18. Bull Moose (NM)
    19. BUYMETOYS.COM (VF Minor corner damage)
    20. Carolina Comics (FN Moderate corner damage)
    21. Clem's (NM)
    22. Clem's Comics & Games (VF Minor corner denting)
    23. Comic Book Shoppe (NM)
    24. Comic Book University (NM)
    25. Comic City (NM)
    26. Comickaze (NM)
    27. Comic Oasis (VF Minor spine stress)
    28. Comics on the Green (VF Minor spine stress)
    29. Cornerstore Comics & Beach Ball Comics (NM)
    30. Curious Comics (NM)
    31. DCBS (NM)
    32. Double Midnight Comics (VF Minor spine stress and cover scuffing)
    33. Dr. No's Comics & Games Superstore (NM)
    34. Dreamland Comics (NM)
    35. Dreamscape Comics (FN Moderate spine stress)
    36. Elite Comics (NM)
    37. Friendly Neighborhood Comics (VF Very minor spine stress)
    38. Gotham Collectibles (VF Minor corner dents)
    39. Happy Harbor Comics (NM)
    40. Hastings (NM)
    41. Heroes & Fantasies (NM)
    42. I Want More Comics (NM)
    43. Impact Comics (NM)
    44. Jetpack Comics LLC (NM)
    45. Keith's Comics (NM)
    46. Larry's Wonderful Wonderful World of Comics (VF Minor corner creases)
    47. Laughing Ogre Comics (NM)
    48. Little Shop of Comics (NM)
    49. Lone Star Comics (NM)
    50. Man of Action Figures (FN Moderate corner creases with color break)
    51. Matt's Cavalcade of Comics (NM)
    52. Midtown Comics (FN Moderate corner creases with color break)
    53. New Dimension/The Toonseum (FN Moderate corner creases)
    54. Newbury Comics (VF Minor corner creases)
    55. Phat Collectibles (NM)
    56. Rock Bottom Books (NM)
    57. Rockin' Rooster Comics & Games (VF Minor spine stress)
    58. Rogue Comics CT (VF Minor corner denting)
    59. Rogue Comics NJ (NM) Royal Collectibles (NM)
    60. Royal Collectibles (NM)
    61. Rupp's Comics (FN Moderate corner creases)
    62. Ssalefish (NM)
    63. Strange Adventures Comic Book Shop Fredericton (VF Minor corner creases)
    64. Strange Adventures Comic Book Shop Halifax (NM)
    65. Super-Fly Comics & Games (NM)
    66. Tate's Comics (NM)
    67. Terminal Entertainment (NM)
    68. Texas Toyz (FN Moderate corner creases)
    69. That's Entertainment (NM)
    70. The Comic Store (NM)
    71. The Lair (NM)
    72. Third Eye Comics (NM)
    73. Toy Traders (NM)
    74. Wade's Comic Madness (NM)
    75. Warp 9 (NM)
    76. Wonderworld Comics (VF Minor corner denting)
    77. Zapp Comics (FN Moderate corner creases with color break)
    78. Zombie Planet (NM)
    79. Bonus second printing Downtown Comics variant
    Cover price $400.00. Grade: NM- 9.2 explanation of grade Condition: Used (collectible)