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Feature Comics (1939) 38 Coverless 0.3

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    Published Nov 1940 by Quality.
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    • INCOMPLETE. Missing first two wraps and centerfold, affects art and story.
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    "The Deadly Toymaker," art by John Celardo; Darrel Dane becomes a government detective. "Mystery At the World's Fair," script and art by William A. Smith (Will Arthur); Rance Keane vs. Frank Topping. "The Band of Treason" starring Captain Bruce Blackburn, Counterspy, script and art by Harry Campbell. "Queen of the Bat-Men," art by Maurice Gutwirth; Samar vs. The Bat-Men and Queen Nevar. "Action In Guatemala" starring Spin Shaw, art by Clark Williams. "Mission To the Spirit World," script by Toni Blum; Zero's fellow mystic, Madam Aura, sent him into the spirit world after a young woman, where he used his "ring of the moon" to affect the spirits under moonlight. "Origin of the Ace of Space," script by H. Weston Taylor, art by Harry Campbell; Ace encounters a red and yellow alien spaceship while piloting his private plane, and is able to communicate with the being inside, who warns of an impending invasion by the Slogans. "The Game With Stamford" starring Rusty Ryan, script and art by Paul Gustavson. "The Sinister Lighthouse" starring Reynolds of the Mounted, script and art by Art Pinajian. 68 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10. Grade: Coverless 0.3 explanation of grade Condition: Used (collectible)

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