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    Auction Item: New Mutants (1983 1st Series) 98 CGC 9.6

    • Paper: White
    • Label #1288527002
    Ended Nov 13 2018
    Winning Bid $410.00

    1st appearance of Deadpool, Gideon, and Domino (Impersonated by Copycat). Cover pencils by Rob Liefeld. The Beginning of the End, Part One, script by Rob Liefeld (plot) and Fabian Nicieza (script), art by Rob Liefeld; Gideon arranges for the murder of Sunspot's father; Deadpool, working for Mr. Tolliver, attacks Cable; Domino defeats him; Cable and Domino plot strategy; Rictor decides to go after Wolfsbane, who stayed in Genosha; Gideon tells Sunspot his father is dead. Part 1 of 3. 36 pgs. The Domino that appears in this issue is actually the mutant known as Copycat. The real Domino makes her first real appearance in he pages of X-Force (1991-2002 1st Series) #8 and 11. Cover price $1.00. Grade: CGC 9.6 explanation of grade Condition: Used (collectible)