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Batman TV Show 'Bat-Drop' Dynamic Merchandising Backdrop

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    Batman TV Show 'Bat-Drop' Dynamic Merchandising Backdrop
    Published 1966

    Auction Item: Batman TV Show 'Bat-Drop' Dynamic Merchandising Backdrop

    • POW! BANG! WHAM! ZOOM! The original Batman TV show was groundbreaking in many ways, literally defining the Camp genre. Its rapidly-increasing popularity triggered a massive outpouring of Batman merchandise in the mid-to-late sixties. To promote these Batman toys, games, and household objects, a select few department stores were allowed to hang these spectacular, hand-made, high-quality professional decorations behind their display tables. Circa 1966. Very few of these backdrops were ever made, and even fewer survive today. This one measures approximately 70" x 94" (that's almost 6' x 8' feet!), and is decorated with the onomatopoeic word balloons which so notably punctuated the famous action sequences of the Batman TV show. The colorful layered-cloth word balloons are still vibrant and look almost new, and they are still firmly attached to the black mesh background, just as they were when they were made fifty years ago. It would look great in a comic room, comic store, at conventions, or behind your own personal Batmobile. This piece will be the envy of all your Bat-Friends during collector show-and-tell! In overall excellent condition. There is some natural wrinkling in the fabric, and a few tears in the black netting close to the bottom. We are offering this ultra-rare collectible in its original, unrestored condition. We have only ever seen one other example of this superb display item. It was in lesser condition, and sold in the MCS February 2016 auction for over $700. Place the winning bid and own a monumental piece of Bat-history!
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