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Showcase (1956-1978) 19 GD- 1.8

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    3rd appearance of Adam Strange (and first Adam Strange logo). "Challenge of the Star-Hunter!", script by Gardner Fox, pencils by Mike Sekowsky, inks by Joe Giella; In Calcutta, India, Adam Strange is in the attendance of a number of explorers who wish to witness an ancient rope trick; When one of the locals explain that it's a trick, and nobody can disappear at the end of the rope, Adam Strange offers to prove him wrong; He manages to climb up in the air and - to everyones astonishment - disappear; However, none witnessing could guess that Adam really intercepted the next Zeta-Beam and is transported to Rann; Arriving on his adopted world, Adam finds himself greeted by Alanna and a delegation of people from Rann who inform Adam that a super-being known as Leothric has appeared and demanded to face Rann's chosen champion. The "End" of the Universe article. "Mystery of the Mental Menace!", script by Gardner Fox, pencils by Mike Sekowsky, inks by Sy Barry; Arriving in the African Veldt, Adam Strange prepares to intercept the next Zeta-Beam when he hears the cries of an explorer that is about to be trampled by a herd of elephants; He frees the man and manages to catch the next Zeta-Beam. 36 pgs., full color. $0.10. Cover price $0.10. Grade: GD- 1.8 explanation of grade Condition: Used (collectible)

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