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Eternals (1976 1st Series) 7 FN/VF 7.0

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    Auction Item: Eternals (1976 1st Series) 7 FN/VF 7.0

    Ended Mar 2 2020
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    "The Fourth Host." Written by Jack Kirby. Pencils by Jack Kirby . Inks by Mike Royer. For centuries mankind has tried to understand the meaning of the ancient paintings markings that adorned lost Incan temples. Now their meaning will be made quite clear. The Celestials, space gods of unimaginable power, have returned to planet Earth to judge mankind and their cousins, the immortal Eternals and demonic Deviants. Thumbs up could mean prosperity, but thumbs down could mean the end of everything. Note: 1st appearance of the Celestials Eson the Searcher, Nezarr the Calculator, Jemiah the Analyzer, Tefral the Surveyor and The One Above All. Cover price $0.30. Grade: FN/VF 7.0 explanation of grade Condition: Used (collectible)