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2000 AD (1977 IPC/Fleetway/Rebellion) UK 2A FN 6.0

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    2000 AD (1977 IPC/Fleetway/Rebellion) UK 2A FN 6.0 Stickers Included

    1st app. Judge Dredd

    1" tear on back cover.

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    1st appearance of Judge Dredd. Contains bonus Biotronic Man Stickers. Cover by Massimo Belardinelli. March 5, 1977. Prog: 02 Featuring Invasion "The Resistance" (part 2 of 5), written by Gerry Finley-Day, art by Jesus Blasco; Bill Savage bursts into a bar and shoots some Volgs; a stranger observes with interest. Dan Dare (Part 2 of 11), written by Kelvin Gosnell, art by Massimo Belardinelli; Dan Dare fights his way to the commander of the Odyssey, Mr. Monday, to explain his fears about the alien presence in the red spot of Jupiter, only to have the alien itself materialize on the ship. Judge Dredd in "Judge Whitey" Written by Peter Harris, Art by Mike McMahon; Flesh: Book 1 (Part 2 of 19) Written by Ken Armstrong, Art by Boix; After criminal Whitey kills Judge Alvin, Dredd arrests him and sends him to Devil's Island, "a huge traffic island in the middle of a vast inter-city highway complex." Harlem Heroes (Part 2 of 27), written by Tom Tully, art by Carlos Trigo; As the Harlem Heroes tries to rebuild their team after the deadly crash, they take on old-timer Conrad King, and street aeroball player Zack Harper. M.A.C.H.1 "Vulcan" (Part 2 of 2) Written by Robert Flynn, Art by Ian Kennedy; John Probe dives from a RAF Nimrod onto the back of the flying Vulcan aircraft filled with nerve gas; Ripping his way inside, a terrorist's bullet punctures a container, causing hallucinations in our hero before he sets the Vulcan down safely in the Thames Mud Flats. 32 Pgs., B&W. 0.08 GBP. Grade: FN 6.0 explanation of grade Condition: Used (collectible)