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Giant Size Werewolf (1974) comic books

  • Issue #2
    Giant Size Werewolf (1974) 2
    • 1/2" tear on back cover. Staple rust.

    Cover pencils by Gil Kane and John Romita (alterations), inks by Tom Palmer and John Romita (alterations). "The Frankenstein Monster Meets Werewolf By Night," script by Doug Moench, pencils by Don Perlin, inks by Vince Colletta; The Frankenstein Monster travels to California to see if Danton Vayla can help him; At the same time, the Brotherhood of Baal, run by Vayla, kidnaps Lissa Russell and plans to sacrifice her in a magical ritual; Jack Russell, while searching for his sister, changes into the Werewolf by Night and attacks the Frankenstein Monster. "Mind Over Matter" (reprinted from Adventures Into Weird Worlds #16), pencils by Bill Benulis, inks by Jack Abel; A man has been trained by Indian mystics to be able to make objects disappear, merely by doubting their existence; When he tries to tell his friend of his new powers, the friend is skeptical until he sees a demonstration. "The Ape Man" (reprinted from Strange Tales #85), art by Steve Ditko; A prisoner plans to escape, and hopes that the legend of an ape man in the jungle around his prison will deter pursuit. "The Barefoot Man" (reprinted from Uncanny Tales #29), art by Robert Q. Sale; Pablo, a poor Mexican, longs for a pair of boots to ease the pains in his bare feet; He finally resorts to mugging a man, and stealing his boots. "The Werewolf of Wilmach!" (reprinted from Astonishing #17), art by Tony DiPreta; Several deaths have a village in a panic over the werewolf prowling the moon-lit streets; Two ne'er-do-wells plan a robbery while the town is gripped in fear. NOTE: For #1 see Giant-Size Creature (1974). 68 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.50.

  • Issue #3
    Giant Size Werewolf (1974) 3
    • Fingerprints.
    • 4 1/4" spine split from the bottom.

    Cover pencils by Gil Kane, inks by Tom Palmer. "Castle Curse!", script by Doug Moench, pencils by Don Perlin, inks by Sal Trapani; The Werewolf roams the nighttime streets of Monterey when a billboard he passes shimmers into the image of Topaz; She reaches into the beast's psyche for the mind of Jack Russell, pleading for him to rescue her from within his ancestral castle; Memories of Blackgar Island, where Russoff Castle was rebuilt, impel the Werewolf to swim out toward it; He reaches the castle and finds Topaz inside, but she is merely an illusion that fades as a trapdoor opens beneath his feet; At the bottom, he is accosted by a creature covered with silver spikes. "The Visitor" (reprinted from Adventures into Terror #13), pencils by George Roussos; A man is convinced that controlling visitors exist all around him and when he is confronted by mist he goes off his rocker. "The Man Who Went Back!" (reprinted from Journey into Mystery #18), art by Pete Tumlinson; A man is pursued through time by tax collectors. "The Man Who Talked To Rats!" (reprinted from Adventures into Terror #13), art by Manny Stallman; A man comes across a man who talks to rats in an alley and makes a deal with him to kill his uncle so he will inherit his money; The weird guy sends his rats into the estate to chew up the old guy and the nephew both. "The Hands of Death" (reprinted from Adventures into Terror #13), pencils by Don Perlin, inks by Abe Simon; A woman's car breaks down in an area where women have been strangled and she takes shelter in a nearby house; She is admitted by a bundled figure that she abruptly assumes is the strangler. 68 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.50.

  • Issue #4
    Giant Size Werewolf (1974) 4

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    Cover pencils by Gil Kane. "A Meeting of Blood," script by Doug Moench, art by Virgil Redondo; Under the full moon, Jack Russell transforms into the Werewolf and roams the streets of Los Angeles, while blocks away, Morbius the Living Vampire glides silently on the trail of Martine Bancroft, his one-time fiancé; He speaks to her from a rooftop, but she doesn't at first remember him; Recounting his origin, Morbius breaks through her fog-shrouded memory, and she calls him down to embrace him. "When the Moon Dripped Blood!", script by Doug Moench, art by Yong Montano; Jack Russell receives a surprise visit at his step-father's home from his actress friend, Clary Winter; She tells him their friend Buck Cowan has sold a movie script to Brad Wrangle; The studio stunt-coordinator wants to move into production, and has hired Clary to star, as well as wanting Jack to perform stunt-work. "The Return of the Brain" (reprinted from Adventures into Terror #6) starring The Brain, Gilda Spears, and Steve Manners, art by Russ Heath. Letter to the editor from publisher Dean Mullaney. 68 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.50.

  • Issue #5
    Giant Size Werewolf (1974) 5
    • Staple rust.

    Cover pencils by Gil Kane, inks by Tom Palmer. "The Plunder of Paingloss," script by Doug Moench, art by Yong Montano; Under the pretense of conducting an interview for a newspaper, Jack Russell and Buck Cowan visit Satanist High Priest Joaquin Zairre, hoping to learn of a cure for lycanthropy; Zairre sees through the ruse, sensing that Jack is the cursed one; When Jack and Paingloss reach the barrier and the throne, they are met by Grithstane who casts a spell to keep Jack cogent and docile when they cross to the Shadow-Realm. Captain Marvel stars in the Hostess Twinkies ad, "The Big Bang!!" "The Most Miserable Man In the World!" (reprinted from Mystic #16); A man with terrible luck finally uses a book of black magic to summon the Devil, who informs him that he actually is in Hell. "He's Coming to Get Me!" (reprinted from World of Fantasy #11), art by Ted Galindo; A man who cheated his brother out of their father's money gets a letter stating that his brother is "coming to get him"; He puts a gun under his jacket since he thinks his brother is out for revenge. "The Unsolid Man" (reprinted from World of Fantasy #13), script by Carl Wessler, art by Joe Orlando; A Communist agitator flees the authorities on a rocket sled that is so fast it outdistances time and briefly allows him to him to walk through walls until time catches up with him. 68 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.50.