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Spider-Man Unlimited (1999 2nd Series) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Spider-Man Unlimited (1999 2nd Series) 1

    Eric Stephenson/Andy Kuhn/Harry Candelario ? THE SCOOP: It's the first issue of the monthly series inspired by the all-new Spider-Man cartoon (debuting in October on Fox)! ? THE STORY: Astronaut John Jameson crash-lands on a planet circling the other side of the sun, a near duplicate of our world called Counter-Earth! There, a strange society exists ruled by the High Evolutionary! Served by an army of bizarre Beastials and the relentless Machine Men, the master of genetics rules with an iron grip. A spaceship has been sent to rescue the stranded astronaut?and hitching a ride is Spider-Man! Unfortunately, also onboard are two of the web-slinger's most malicious adversaries: Venom and Carnage! Soon Spidey and the gruesome twosome will all arrive on the strange new world?and then the fun will really begin! Best of all, this series will not merely adapt episodes, but present all-new adventures set in the cartoon's continuity! ? THE FORMAT: This 48-page issue kicks off the monthly title. FC, 48pg" Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #2
    Spider-Man Unlimited (1999 2nd Series) 2

    Eric Stephenson/Andy Kuhn/Harry Candelario In search of astronaut John Jameson, Spider-Man has ridden a spaceship to the alien world called Counter Earth?and along for the ride are the sinister symbiotes known as Venom and Carnage! But before the web-slinger can tackle the terrible twosome, he's surrounded by the agents of the High Evolutionary, the menacing Machine Men! And just when it looks like things couldn't get any worse, the Counter Earth version of the Green Goblin appears! FC, 32pg" Cover price $1.99.

  • Issue #3
    Spider-Man Unlimited (1999 2nd Series) 3

    Eric Stephenson/Andy Kuhn/Harry Candelario Continuing the all-new adventures (not adaptations) set in the continuity of the new Fox Kids cartoon! Something big, grotesque and unbelievably strong stalks the streets of Counter-Earth's Manhattan... something that's hunting a certain off-world web-spinner! But the Brute has a tragic secret that will shock Spider-Man... that is, if he survives! Cover by Andy Kuhn." Cover price $1.99.

  • Issue #4
    Spider-Man Unlimited (1999 2nd Series) 4

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    Eric Stephenson/Andy Kuhn/Harry Candelario On this strange world called Counter-Earth, what lies beyond the dystopian Manhattan landscape? Our off-world wall-crawler finds himself in the place called Harmony, a land so filled with wonder and enchantment, it calls to mind Asgard itself. But danger abounds here too, and the High Evolutionary still wants Spider-Man dead! But can the web-spinner flee Harmony when he thinks he just spotted the girl once known as Gwen Stacy?! Cover by Andy Kuhn. FC" Cover price $1.99.

  • Issue #5
    Spider-Man Unlimited (1999 2nd Series) 5

    cover by andy kuhn eric stephenson/andy kuhn/harry candelario Continuing the all-new adventures set in the continuity of the new Fox Kids cartoon! Is Wolverine stalking the streets of Counter Earth's Manhattan? Maybe... maybe not! Meanwhile, Peter Parker returns from his meeting with this world's Reed Richards and Ben Grimm with a head full of questions. Are there an Aunt May and Mary Jane here, too? And if so, whose side are they on? FC" Cover price $1.99.