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Amazing Spider-Man Computer Game (1990 Paragon) comic books

  • Issue #ITEM#1
    Amazing Spider-Man Computer Game (1990 Paragon) ITEM#1

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    The evil Mysterio is a master of illusions and Hollywood special effects. When he lures Spider-Man into a movie studio to rescue Mary Jane Parker, he has Spider-Man right where he wants him! Spider-Man is fighting on Mysterio's turf - six movie sets packed with robots, electrified floors, doors that aren't really there and walls coated with a chemical that keeps Spidey's webs from sticking! Mysterio has even turned gravity upside-down and sideways in some of his scenes! Spidey needs your help to stay alive and figure out the series of switches that turn Mysterio's tricks on and off. Your goal is to guide Spider-Man to the studio's executive suite where Mysterio is holding Mary Jane. Box Art by Todd McFarlane. Game Features: * Spidey walks, crawls, climbs walls and ceiling, shoots and swings from webs, and uses his famous "spider-sense" to avoid danger. * Over 250 screens packed with action. *Strategy and surprises in every scene! Includes: Two 5 1/4" floppy disc IBM PC/XT/AT/PS2, Tandy 1000/3000, and compatibles; and instructional manual.