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Grendel Red White and Black (2002) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Grendel Red White and Black (2002) 1

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    Written by Matt Wagner. The Devil has risen again. Drawing from a deep well of creative talent, Grendel creator and writer Matt Wagner has assembled a breathtaking ensemble of artists to illustrate another round of stories about that most deadly of assassins -- Hunter Rose. From corpulent politicians to opportunistic street thugs, no one is safe from the Devil's watchful eye or his deadly blades. This time out Wagner and company present the many faces of Grendel, showing his first contact with the powerful Ciccone family and painting a compelling portrait of the Devil's sweetly sinister influence over a child's imagination. Collecting five tales drawn by some of comics' most gifted storytellers; this issue launches a miniseries that's sure to please both long-time Grendel readers and newcomers alike. 48 pages, B&W&Red. Cover price $4.99.

  • Issue #2
    Grendel Red White and Black (2002) 2

    Written by Matt Wagner. The Devil's Reign continues! Matt Wagner and Dark Horse present five more tales guaranteed to make your heart race and your blood run cold. There is only one thing that Hunter Rose -- the man behind the assassin's mask of Grendel -- holds more precious than his own life, and that is his adopted daughter Stacy Palumbo. But Hunter soon finds himself at odds with Stacy over her new friend, a wolf named Argent, who also happens to be Grendel's most deadly nemesis! Five stories. Five artists. One Vision. From the politics of organized crime to the ancient ethics of the Samurai warrior code and beyond, Wagner and company continue to explore the rich tapestry that is the world of Grendel! 48 pages, B&W&Red. Cover price $4.99.

  • Issue #3
    Grendel Red White and Black (2002) 3

    Written by Matt Wagner. The Devil's influence spreads throughout the city like ripples on a pond, leaving a path of shattered dreams and destroyed lives in its wake. Only it's not just the Mafia, hitmen, and urban scum who feel Grendel's heat. Before long, those on the periphery -- the doctors, lawyer, and hotel employees -- are also pulled into the Devil's sinister web. Meanwhile, Grendel's alter-ego Hunter Rose finds his relationship with his adopted ward Stacy slipping through his bloody fingers. He may be able to eradicate his enemies, but he's helpless to hang on to those he loves. Wagner and company continue their exploration into Grendel's twisted psyche and the seductive pull it holds over all who encounter it as, once again, Wagner's razor-sharp scripts are brought to life by an outstanding line-up of comics' hottest artists. 48 pages, B&W&Red. Cover price $4.99.

  • Issue #4
    Grendel Red White and Black (2002) 4

    Written by Matt Wagner. It's the Devil you don't know that proves to be most deadly, and in this, the explosive finale to this compelling series, the light is shined on the never-before-seen moments in Hunter Rose's life. During the few short years Rose terrorized the city as his alter-ego Grendel, he left a trail of tragedy and a sinister legacy that echoes throughout following generations. From the early first sightings of the nefarious Devil to his final breath on a rooftop with his nemesis, writer/creator Matt Wagner and his team of artists illuminate the life of Hunter Rose and the death of Grendel. From start to finish, these stories will set your heart racing and blow you away! 48 pages, B&W&Red. Cover price $4.99.