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JLA The Tower of Babel HC (2021 DC) The Deluxe Edition comic books

  • Issue #1-1ST
    JLA The Tower of Babel HC (2021 DC) The Deluxe Edition 1-1ST JLA The Tower of Babel HC (2021 DC) The Deluxe Edition 1-1ST

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    1st printing. Collects JLA (1997-2006) #18-21, 32-33, and 43-46, and two stories from JLA Secret Files (1997-2004) #3.

    Written by Mark Waid, Devin Grayson, and D. Curtis Johnson. Art by Howard Porter, Steve Scott, John Dell, Arnie Jorgensen, David Meikis, Mark Pajarillo, Walden Wong, Mark Propst, Drew Geraci,Doug Hazelwood, Claude St. Aubin, and Pablo Raimondi. Cover by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi. Back Cover by Howard Porter and Drew Geraci.

    Batman is the ultimate strategist, using his intelligence and resources to secure his place among his super-powered allies in the Justice League, not just as a member, but as one of the teams leaders. But what happens when that intelligence is used against him?

    Ra's al Ghul takes out the JLA, one member at a time‚ using plans devised by Batman himself, with his own methods to subdue his teammates if they ever got out of control. Can the Justice League recover in time to stop Ra's?

    This collection of JLA adventures also includes a spacefaring mission guest-starring Adam Strange, as well as the Justice League investigating mysterious destruction in Gotham City!

    Hardcover, 264 pages, full color.

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