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Spider-Man Team-Up (1995 Marvel) comic books

  • Issue #1
    Spider-Man Team-Up (1995 Marvel) 1

    "Double or Nothing" Guest-starring the X-Men. Script by Mark Waid and Tom Peyer. Pencils by Ken Lashley. Inks by Vince Russell and Al Milgrom. Cover by Ken Lashley and Terry Austin. A scathing exposé by J. Jonah Jameson sets off a power struggle inside the Hellfire Club between Shinobi Shaw and Benedict Kine! And the two adversaries agree to settle their differences via a "rite of challenge" with Jonah as the prize! Kine sends the White Knights to apprehend JJJ while Shaw sends the Ebon Knights! Fortunately for the Daily Bugle's publisher, Peter Parker happens to be in the city room when the knights attack! But the wall-crawler cannot defeat the knights all by himself! He needs help! And he gets it moments later from the X-Men! Eventually all interested parties converge on the Hellfire Club for the explosive endgame! Will the heroes or villains (or maybe good ol' Jonah) emerge victorious? Cameo appearances by Tessa and the Scarlet Spider (aka Ben Reilly). X-Men Lineup: Archangel, Beast, Cyclops, Phoenix, and Psylocke. (Notes: This story takes place before the events of Spectacular Spider-Man 229. The credits give special thanks to Scott Lobdell for his contributions to the story. This issue was reprinted in 2011 in the trade paperback: Amazing Spider-Man The Complete Clone Saga Epic #5.) 48 pages. Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #2
    Spider-Man Team-Up (1995 Marvel) 2

    "Ambush" Guest-starring the Silver Surfer. Plot by Roger Stern. Script by George Perez. Pencils by Tom Grindberg. Inks by Bill Anderson. Cover by Tom Grindberg. The Spectacular Spider-Man finds himself in the middle of an intergalactic adventure against super-villain heavyweights Quasimodo and the Mad Thinker! Fortunately, Ben Reilly has the awesome Silver Surfer by his side! But onboard Sanctuary II, both heroes will need help from the Mad Titan to stay alive! Cameo appearances by Thanos and the Kralian Skrulls. (Notes: This story takes place after the events of Sensational Spider-Man #0. The letters page features an essay from the assistant editor discussing the plans for the series. This issue was reprinted in 2011 in the trade paperback: Amazing Spider-Man The Complete Ben Reilly Epic #3.) 48 pages. Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #3
    Spider-Man Team-Up (1995 Marvel) 3

    "The Wizards Fantastic" Guest-starring the Fantastic Four. Script by Dan Jurgens. Art by Bob McLeod. Cover by Dan Jurgens and Bob McLeod. What starts as a fun-filled visit to Four Freedoms Plaza by the web-slinger (aka Ben Reilly)... turns into an interdimensional struggle in the mystical land of Perrinois! Two wizards' sibling rivalry spills across a porthole connecting Earth to Perrinois! And the FF and the wondrous wall-crawler are caught in the middle! Can the five heroes extricate themselves from this sticky situation and get the diminutive brothers back on speaking terms? An amusing issue! (Note: This issue was reprinted in 2012 in the trade paperback: Amazing Spider-Man The Complete Ben Reilly Epic #4.) 48 pages. Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #4
    Spider-Man Team-Up (1995 Marvel) 4

    "Webs of Time" Guest-starring the Avengers. Script by George Perez. Pencils by Steve Geiger (prologue), Darick Robertson (chp 1), Dan Jurgens (chp 2), and Brandon McKinney (chp 3). Inks by Chris Ivy (prologue & chp 3), Andrew Pepoy (chp 1), and Tom Palmer (chp 2). Cover by George Perez. All across New York City, the NYPD are making ghastly discoveries! Giant spider webs filled with aging corpses! And the authorities think they know who is responsible...Spider-Man! Wow, could the amazing one somehow be involved? To find out the truth, the feds call on the Avengers to apprehend the wall-crawler! Near New York harbor; Cap, Thor, Giant-Man, and the Wasp get the first shot at Spidey, but end up caught in another giant web! Moments later a second Spider-Man (aka Ben Reilly) arrives on the scene! And finally the rest of Earth's Mightiest Heroes! After cooler heads prevail, the Avengers and the wall-crawler realize that there's a powerful web-spinning imposter on the loose! And his final destination is the Temple of Tirod south of the border! With Earth's Mightiest Heroes by his side, can the real Spider-Man solve the doppelganger mystery in Mexico? Appearances by Peter Gyrich, Jarvis, and Pepper Hogan. Avengers Lineup: Black Widow, Captain America, Crystal, Giant-Man, Hawkeye, Iron Man (aka Teen Tony), Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Vision, and the Wasp. (Notes: The Spider-Man robot previously appeared over 30 years ago in the classic Avengers 11. This story takes place after The Crossing and before the final issue of the Avengers 1st series. Printed on glossy paper.) 64 pages. Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #5
    Spider-Man Team-Up (1995 Marvel) 5

    "Crescent City Memories" Guest-starring Gambit. Script and Pencils by Darick Robertson. Inks by Jerome K. Moore. Cover by Darick Robertson and Jerome K. Moore. At a Cajun-themed nightclub, Ben Reilly bumps into Tombstone and a troublesome acquaintance from days gone by! The villainous pair are attempting to poison the club patrons with a new drug! Fortunately Gambit is at the club too...and ready to lend a hand to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Second story: "Sideshow" Guest-starring Howard the Duck. Script by Steve Gerber. Pencils by James Fry. Inks by Chris Ivy. Spider-Man (aka Ben Reilly) and Peter Parker join Howard the Duck and Beverly Switzler in Cleveland to battle the Circus of Crime! Cameo appearances by Joe Robertson and Betty Brant. (Notes: This issue is Ben Reilly's last appearance prior to the Revelations storyline that completed the second Spider-clone saga. See Amazing Spider-Man 418 and Spider-Man (1990) 75. The credits give special thanks to Glenn Greenberg for his contributions to the story. This issue was reprinted in 2012 in the trade paperback: Amazing Spider-Man The Complete Ben Reilly Epic #6.) 64 pages. Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #6
    Spider-Man Team-Up (1995 Marvel) 6

    "Breaking and Entering!" Guest-starring the Hulk and Aquarian. Script by Larry Hanna. Pencils by Dietrich Smith. Inks by Sean Parsons. Painted cover by Bob Larkin. The Green Goliath smashes his way into Avengers Mansion looking for information on Bruce Banner! But his loud entrance draws the attention of the wondrous wall-crawler and the enigmatic Aquarian instead! As Spider-Man and the Aquarian attempt to calm down the Hulk, a Doombot appears and quietly starts downloading the Avengers' secret files! Will anyone notice (and stop) the file transfer in time? (Note: This story takes place while the Avengers and Bruce Banner are in the Heroes Reborn Universe.) Second story: "Lost Souls" Guest-starring Doctor Strange. Plot by J.M. DeMatteis. Script by Marv Wolfman. Art by Bob McLeod (breakdowns) and Tom Palmer (finishes & inks). Dracula marks his return to New York City by slaughtering the guests inside the Rosewater ballroom! After Peter Parker and Stephen Strange discover the carnage, they devise a plan to stop the bloodthirsty count! The Master of the Mystic Arts will attack Dracula on the astral plane, while Spider-Man attacks him on the physical plane! Will the plan work? Beware the Living Vampire! Cameo appearance by Ben Urich. 64 pages. Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #7
    Spider-Man Team-Up (1995 Marvel) 7

    "Old Scores" Guest-starring the Thunderbolts. Script by Kurt Busiek. Pencils by Sal Buscema. Inks by Dick Giordano. Cover by Steve Lightle. After the Amazing Spider-Man is accused of committing a murder in Brooklyn, the mayor's office calls on the Thunderbolts to capture him! And since many of the T-Bolts have a past history with the web-slinger, they are more than happy to oblige! Especially MACH-1 (aka the Beetle)! However upon sparring with Spidey, some of the T-Bolts have misgivings about pinning a false crime on him! Will the Thunderbolts do the right thing? Namely exonerate the wall-crawler... and bring the real villains to justice: the Enclave! Cameo appearances by Mary Jane Watson, Joe Robertson, J. Jonah Jameson, and Dallas Riordan. Thunderbolts Lineup: Atlas, Citizen V, MACH-1, Meteorite, Songbird, and Techno. (Notes: The web-slinger previously battled Atlas (aka Erik Josten) in Spectacular Spider-Man 49 and clashed with Moonstone in Spectacular Spider-Man 61. He also fought Baron Zemo in Spectacular Spider-Man 195 & 196. This story was reprinted in 2001 in the trade paperback: Thunderbolts Justice Like Lightning.) 48 pages. Cover price $2.99.