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  • Line Of Beauty Art Of Wendy Pini Hc
    Line Of Beauty Art Of Wendy Pini Hc

    (W) Richard Pini, Wendy Pini (A/CA) Wendy Pini The term 'line of beauty' describes, in one sense, a certain way of arranging lines and shapes in a drawing or painting to suggest motion, dynamic balance and grace. But in a deeper sense it can also speak to the visionary spirit that drives the creation of a piece of artwork. Whatever that spirit is, Wendy Pini demonstrates that she has had it from the moment she was delivered into this world. This book provides a comprehensive look at rare material from Wendy's two Beauty and the Beast graphic novels, her Galaxy and If magazine covers and interior art, and preproduction art from the animated The Lord of the Rings film. It highlights ambitious projects such as Masque of the Red Death and Law and Chaos, includes exquisite art from the Land of Myth series of prints, and much more. Cover price $50.00.