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Adventures of Daniel Boom aka Loud Boy GN (2008) comic books

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Adventures of Daniel Boom aka Loud Boy GN (2008) 1-1ST

    Volume 1 - 1st printing. "Sound Off!" Written by D.J. Steinberg. Art by Brian Smith. Being a new kind in town with no volume control on his voice, Daniel Boom discovers an even bigger problem - the evil Kid-Rid Corporation has silenced the entire world with their terrible Soundsucker LX machine! Daniel taps into his inner superhero to become Loud Boy, along with his new pals who have bad habits (a.k.a. superpowers) of their own. The unlikely heroes are able to turn the tables on the villains, restoring peace an un-quiet to the world once more! But is it the end of Kid-Rid? Softcover, 6-in.x 9-in., 96 pages, full color. Cover price $5.99.