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Mucker HC (1921 Grosset and Dunlap) comic books

  • Issue #1-REP
    Mucker HC (1921 Grosset and Dunlap) 1-REP Mucker HC (1921 Grosset and Dunlap) 1-REP

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    2nd or later printing. Billy Byrne was a product of the streets and alleys of Chicago's great West Side. From Halsted to Robey, and from Grand Avenue to Lake Street there was scarce a bartender whom Billy knew not by his first name. And, in proportion to their number which was considerably less, he knew the patrolmen and plain clothes men equally as well, but not so pleasantly. His kindergarten education had commenced in an alley back of a feed-store. Here a gang of older boys and men were wont to congregate at such times as they had naught else to occupy their time, and as the bridewell was the only place in which they ever held a job for more than a day or two, they had considerable time to devote to congregating. Hardcover, 414 pages, text. NOTE: Front pages have hand drawn pictures of the characters.