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Strange But True Strange Vanishings SC (1997) comic books

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Strange But True Strange Vanishings SC (1997) 1-1ST

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    First printing. Flight 19 -five Avenger torpedo bombers- was lost over the infamous Bermuda Triangle on the evening of December 5, 1945. Before radio contact failed, the pilots reported that they were running out of fuel because they could not find their way home; their compasses had gone wild and, despite supposedly clear weather in the area, they could not see the setting sun. What happened to them? Likewise, what happened to the three lighthouse keepers who vanished from the Scottish isle of Eilean Mor in 1900? In 1872, the ship Marie Celeste was found sailing without her crew - why and where did they go? Why did Victor Grayson, one of the most charismatic British politicians of the twentieth century, just disappear, never to be seen again? This fascinating book looks at there and many other cases of strange vanishings. Softcover, 5 x 8-in, text only. Cover price $5.95.