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    Hoppy the Marvel Bunny (1945) 15 CGC 8.0

    Only copy at the top CGC grade of 8.0.

    Paper: Off white

    Slab: Standard, no notable issues

    Label #3760057006

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    Hoppy Meets the Practical Jokers!; When Hoppy plays some mean practical jokes on his friends, he meets two imps from another dimension who turn the tables on him. Hoppy and the Invisible-Crook, art by Bill Brady; Flappy Ears the rat discovers a potion to turn him invisible so he embarks on a crime spree, framing Hoppy in the process. Captain Tootsie Saves the Sailplane Tootsie Rolls ad with Captain Tootsie, pencils by C. C. Beck, inks by Pete Costanza. Man of Polish, art by Bill Brady; Kid Gloves tries to steal Senora Pinto's silver. False Alarm; Reddy tries to get Droopy into trouble, but it never works. Superstitious Frolics; Hoppy thinks he's being cursed by bad luck because it's Friday the thirteenth. Advertisement for Wildroot Cream-Oil Hair Tonic with Sam Spade. 36 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.10.