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    Tags: Archie
    • 1.5" Cumulative spine split.

    "Two For One"; Melvin, the new kid and gets Jughead to introduce him to Veronica; He asks her for a date and she accepts; Later she realizes that she'll need to stay away from Archie when she goes on her date with Melvin, so she goes to the museum, thinking Archie would never go there. "Hat's My Girl"; Veronica makes her own hat; While going to show it to her father, she stumbles over a bench and upsets the lamp; The lampshade ends up on her head and her father compliments her on it. "Father Glows Best"; Archie's father thinks he's spending too much time at Veronica's and makes him stay home; An old friend of Fred's drops by unexpectedly and reveals that Fred won Mary by spending all his time at her house. Archie Annual ad. "Sentence Stricture," pencils by Harry Lucey; The boys are speaking in "reverse English" (example: "Trying past you to sneak he was!"), and Mr. Weatherbee is refusing to pay attention to them unless they use proper grammar. Archie Club News. "Phone for All"; Veronica sets up the telephone so she can pretend to take calls from other boys and make Archie jealous; Archie gets mad and insults the next caller, who happens to be a legitimate caller with business with Mr. Lodge. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

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