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    Contains comic strip reprints, text articles, activity pages, and a text story. In order of appearance: "Salesman Sam" by C. D. Small; "Alley Oop" by V. T. Hamlin; "Herky" by Clyde Lewis; "Dan Dunn" by Norman Marsh; "Stranger than Fiction" by Richard W. Thomas and Walter Galli; "Our Boarding House" by Gene Ahern; "Fun with a Pencil" by Walter Cole Brigham; "Freckles and his Friends" by Merrill Blosser; "Everybody's Playmate" by A. W. Nugent; "Bronc Peeler" by Fred Harman; "The Tiny Mites" by Hal Cochran and George Scarbo; "Boots" by Edgar Martin; "Don Dixon and the Hidden Empire" and "Tad of the Tanbark" by Bob Moore and Carl Pfeufer; "Stories in Stamps" by I. S. Klein; "Captain Easy, Soldier of Fortune" by Roy Crane; "Ben Webster's Page" by Jay Jerome Williams (as Edwin Alger); "Scribbly" by Sheldon Mayer; "Out Our Way" by J. R. Williams; "Tailspin Tommy" and "Four Aces" by Hal Forrest; "Og, Son of Fire" by James Irving Crump; "G Men on the Job" by Dick Blair and Milt Youngren; "Home Magic" by A. W. Nugent; "Now You Tell One!" by Edward Courtney Dunkle; "Mutt and Jeff" and "Cicero's Cat" by Bud Fisher; "Reg'lar Fellers" and "Daisybelle" by Gene Byrnes; "Be a Big Leaguer" by Ed Cronin; "Heroes' Hall of Fame" by Benjamin D. Allen (as Stookie Allen); and "The Worry Wart" by J. R. Williams. "Sandy Ferguson, Sourdough, Part One" text story by H. T. Sperry. 68 pages. Full color. Cover price $0.10.

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