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    Cover art by John Celardo. "Raid of the Fire-Fangs," art by John Celardo; Jewel thieves disguise themselves as the L'tongas' sacred mandrills and attempt to steal the tribe's sacred diamonds; KaƤnga exposes the plot and turns the thieves over to the tribe for punishment. Untitled story, pencils by Joe Doolin; Zarkah, a tiger captured in India, escapes his captors in an African port and makes his way to Simba's jungle; He is killed when he challenges Simba for kingship of the jungle. Untitled story, art by Henry Kiefer; Wambi suffers from amnesia after a fall and is persuaded to guide two white treasure hunters to a hidden temple; The treasure hunters begin their looting but dislodge a roof support and are killed in the ceiling collapse. Untitled story, art by Dan Zolnerowich; Treasure hunters install an artillery gun in a giant idol and attack river traffic in order to keep nosy visitors from finding their hidden platinum mine; Captain Terry Thunder and Keeto manage to destroy the idol and arrest the treasure hunters. "The Secret of the Leopard's Lair" text story. Untitled story, art by Maurice Whitman; Saraz-san gives a jewel to every family member who will make the trek to her jungle home; But each family member winds up dead; Tabu asks her to give him a gem and he goes to the Land of Mists; There he learns that the jewels belonged to the chief of the Opalis and that he was murdered by Saraz-san. Jungle Facts; Brief natural histories of several jungle birds. Untitled story, pencils by Matt Baker; A white slaver, working with Arabs, comes up the scheme of disguising a woman as Camilla and having her lure villagers into a trap; This works until Camilla becomes aware of the scheme and puts a stop to it. 52 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

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