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Perfect Love (1951) comic books

  • Issue #2
    Perfect Love (1951) 2
    • Staple rust. Rust migration. Cover detached at one staple.

    Photo cover of Peter Judson Kirk Jr. (Larry Parks) and Dr. Helen Hunt (Barbara Hale). "Memory Of Love," pencils by Sy Barry, inks by Bernie Sachs; Marie and Jerry fall in love on a train trip from New York to California; The train wrecks and Jerry contracts amnesia; Marie learns he was engaged to socialite Virginia and reunites them, which restores Jerrys memory. "How Many Sweethearts?"; Alice saves her money for a trip to the Taj Mahal; She meets and falls in love with Jarol, but they become separated in the desert; Returning to the city, she discover Jarol is the Prince of Cawnpore. "Love's Slender Thread," art by Mort Lawrence; When the workers on his Belgian Congo plantation fall ill, Mr. Douglas and his daughter Ann hire doctors Dick, Joe, and Gerry to find the cause; Dick and Ann fall in love but her father opposes the match. "Idyll Of the Island" text story. "Mardi Gras," art by Jack Sparling; Wealthy Randy and waitress Grace fall in love, but his family disapproves; They decide to elope during Mardi Gras, but Grace cant locate Randy and his sister says he changed his mind; Grace moves to a small town and works in the local diner; When a flood threatens the town, Grace discovers Randy among the men working to reinforce the levee. "The General's Lady" one-page story, art by Mort Lawrence. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #3
    Perfect Love (1951) 3
    • Staple rust.
    • Centerfold detached at one staple.

    Painted cover art by Allan Anderson. "The Wheel of Fate!", pencils by Alice Kirkpatrick; Elaine convinces her fiancé Paul to give up his career as a test pilot for a safer job with an airline; When hes killed in a crash, Elaine blames herself and has a nervous breakdown; Her doctor sends her to recuperate at a fishing village. "The Pharaoh's Curse!", pencils by Bob Oksner; Teacher Fay falls in love with archeologist Stephen and accompanies him on an expedition to Egypt; Theyre separated by a flood and Fay thinks hes dead. "Long-Distance Date" text story. "The Princess and the Pirate"; At a Paris costume ball, American teacher Laura falls in love with another disguised guest, also an American; Theyre separated and since they dont know each others names (or even what they look like out of costume), Laura returns to the USA and her job. "Heaven on Wheels," pencils by Art Peddy; Roller derby participant Daisy is offered a job in a skating show by Jim, who makes himself her agent and her boyfriend; When shes injured doing a stunt, Daisy is surprised to learn Jim has replaced her in the show and has also been cheating her out of much of her salary; She takes a job in a drugstore to make ends meet. Back-cover pinup. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #4
    Perfect Love (1951) 4

    Photo cover. "Scandal or Romance," pencils by Alice Kirkpatrick; High school teacher Phyllis agrees to tutor Don, a returning veteran who wants to go to college; They fall in love, which causes the town to talk and Phyllis is given 24 hours to break up with him or be fired; She makes a speech—choosing her love for Don over her job--to the assembled parents and they change their minds: she can marry Don and still teach. "They Fought for Happiness," art by Everett Raymond Kinstler; Allegedly true story of the romance between film actors Jean Simmons and Stewart Granger. "Big-Hearted Fix" text story. "Letter Perfect," art by Irv Novick; Advice on writing letters to a boyfriend in the military. "I Loved a Toreador," inks by Bernard Sachs; Teacher Kate visits Mexico on vacation and meets old school friend Allan; They fall in love, but Kate learns hes now a bullfighter; She is opposed to bullfighting and also fears for Allans life, especially when hes gored by a bull. "The Voice of My Heart," art by Irv Novick; Thelma loves Garry but when he goes away to college, she dates mechanic Tim; Garry quits school and comes home, and Thelma dumps Tim. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #6
    Perfect Love (1951) 6
    • Water damage. Tear in back cover.

    Photo cover. "Fugitive from Fate," pencils by Alice Kirkpatrick, inks by Tex Blaisdell; A fortune-teller informs Madeleine that shell fall in love with a laughing blonde man, even though shes already engaged to dark-haired Ross; On a cross-country bus trip, Madeleine falls in love with blonde Bert but turns down his proposal and goes home to wealthy Ross. "Afraid of Love," pencils by Jim Mooney, inks by Bernard Sachs; Helaine becomes engaged to Wally but then learns he was merely using her to make his girlfriend Gloria jealous; She travels to Europe to forget her humiliation and meets journalist Steve in Rome; They fall in love but shes afraid of being hurt again and flees to Venice. "The Sacrifice" text story. "Long Engagement," art by Nick Cardy; After his father dies, Pete has to support his mother and sister, so he postpones his marriage to Helen; This puts a strain on their relationship; Petes sister Cathy elopes with notorious playboy Dana, feeling shes a burden; Pete and Helen stop the wedding and Pete apologizes for his behavior: hell marry Helen and everyone will pitch in to support Petes mother and sister. "Whirlwind of Kisses," art by Sam Citron; Airport employee Jill falls in love with famous stunt pilot Jeff but he seems indifferent to her; He teaches Jill to fly, but freezes up on her first solo flight; Jeff, admitting he loves her as well, gives her instructions over the radio and she lands safely. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #7
    Perfect Love (1951) 7
    • 3" Cumulative spine split. Staple rust. Rust migration. Cover detached. Centerfold detached at one staple.

    Photo cover. "Hidden Love"; When Mr Harcourt leaves Ellen home alone on the Singapore island of Sumbawa, an injured stranger appears; She falls for Eric and lies to Inspector Fadiz that she has seen no one when he comes looking for a jewel thief. "Tomorrow Is Ours"; Anne is engaged to Pete, a "sandhog" (tunnel worker) who is studying to become a supervisor; Bored, Anne starts dating Petes roommate Tony; When Pete finds out, he breaks up with her, and Tony also dumps Anne because he only wanted "some fun." "The Wedding Dress"; Meg and Tom are young, passionately in love and planning to marry; Then he joins the army to fight in Korea; Meg wants to marry immediately, but Tom says they should wait; Months later, the news comes that Tom is wounded. "Love Letter to Five Million" text story. "To Have and to Hold"; Former mechanic Hal is recently graduated as a doctor when his fiance Kathy turns up with burst appendix; With other doctors away, Hal must operate but Kathy dies; Hal abandons medicine and becomes a mechanic with a traveling carnival. "Love's Fighting Heart"; Washed-up boxer Slugger takes on Rocky as his protégé; Rocky falls for Sluggers daughter Ellen, but she is jealous of his rapport with her father; To ruin his career, she tells Rocky shell marry him if he makes a lot of money, so he goes against Sluggers advice and accepts too many bouts. "Deadline for Love"; Foreign correspondent Carol loves Roger, head of her papers Athens bureau, but is sent to the Greek-Romanian border for an extended period; On his way to visit Carol, Roger is captured by bandit Georgio. Carol helps Roger escape and Georgio is caught. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.