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Judge Dredd Movie (1995) comic books 1938 or later

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    When Mega-City One is almost torn apart by block wars, the Justice Department sends Judge Dredd to quell the fires of revolution. But when Dredd is tried and convicted of breaking the very law he's sworn to uphold, he's stripped of his Judicial powers and sent to the Aspen Penal Colony to serve a life sentence. Now Dredd must escape incarceration, make his way through the streets of Mega-City One and find the criminal mastermind who framed him...a man whose fingerprints and genetic structure are a dead match for his own. Written by Andrew Helfer, with art by Judge Dredd co-creator Carlos Ezquerra. Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz. 68 pages. Prestige Format. Cover price $5.95. Cover price $5.95.