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Corporate Ninja (2005) comic books 1938 or later

  • Issue #1
    Corporate Ninja (2005) 1

    by Matt Mocarski. When the corporations of the world are threatened by evil consumers, only one man can save the day... The Corporate Ninja! A fish company is threatened when they fail to connect with the newly emerging "female consumer." To help, they call upon the legendary Corporate Ninja. But will stealthy skills and katana blades be able to sway these females' buying habits? 7x10, 24pgs, B&WSRP: $2.95 Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #2
    Corporate Ninja (2005) 2

    By Matt Mocarski. In order to expand their empire, a tobacco company manufactures a new line of cigarettes aimed at household pets. As the popularity of the product explodes, the supply dwindles transforming the once cute, cuddly, lovable, fluffy bundles of joy into vicious, nicotine- starved-killing-machines! Can Corporate Ninja find a way to satisfy the animals' unquenchable thirst or will he be tossed aside like last week's chew toy? 24pgs, B&WSRP: $2.95 Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #3
    Corporate Ninja (2005) 3

    CAUTION: THIS ISSUE IS ACCIDENTALLY PRINTED WITH #2 ON COVER. By Matt Mocarski. A new software upgrade, designed to improve the lives of it users, disconnects everyone from the Internet! With only a few hours until complete shutdown, will Corporate Ninja be able to slice through the Web in time to stop its programming or will the World need to find a way to cope without its auctions, blogs, and porn? 24pgs, B&WSRP. Cover price $2.95.