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Darling Love (1949) comic books 1938-1955

  • Issue #1
    Darling Love (1949) 1
    • 1" spine split from bottom. Staple rust.

    Pat McElroy photo cover. "I Was Jilted!"; Office worker Laura is dumped by her boyfriend Alan because shes a poor orphan; Laura gets a job in rural Long Island as companion to elderly Miss Barnes; Miss Barnes urges Laura not to shut herself away, giving herself as an example of a lonely spinster. "Two Loves Have I"; Aspiring actress Ellen meets art student Dean and they fall in love; Deans older brother Steve runs the family ranch in Colorado; Steve demands Dean drop his studies and help run the ranch, and calls Ellen a gold-digger. "Rascal Heart" text story. "Your Handwriting" article by Handwriting Analyst Ellyn Lee. "I Was Branded Bad"; Dorothy dates bad boy Nicky to escape her familys poverty; Tricked into participating in a robbery, Dorothy is sent to prison while Nicky is killed. "I Married for Revenge" text story. "I Lied for Love," art by Pen Shumaker; High school student Lorna pretends she has a college boyfriend; Attending a fraternity party with her brother Hank, Lorna meets David. "The Darling Bandbox" text story by Miss Darling. "Star-Lights" article. "Too Wise for Love!!"; Edith, editor for a chain of magazines, falls in love with free-lance writer Mark; They wed, but he makes little money from his writing. "Reminiscence" text story by May Richstone. 52 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #2
    Darling Love (1949) 2
    Published 1950 by Close-Up.

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    Lola Lynn photo cover. "Forever Yours!"; Magazine photographer Sheila is assigned a story on New England fishing boats; Captain Grant and his crew think its bad luck to have a woman aboard; When a storm wrecks the boat, Grant saves Sheila and has to protect her from the vengeful crewmen. "You Possess my Heart" poem by Lamar Miller. "Your Handwriting" article by Ellyn Lee. "Mama's Apron Strings," art by Al McWilliams; Department store sales clerk Meg dates concert pianist Rick; Ricks mother thinks Meg is a gold-digger and opposes their relationship. "Until Death Do us Part"; Army doctor Steve and Red Cross representative Kathy meet in Europe during World War II; They are reunited after the war in New York, where Kathy is now a copywriter and Steve is a medical researcher. "The Life of the Party"; As a boy, Jack overcomes his loneliness by becoming an extroverted "life of the party," and continues this into college; Jack falls for Joyce at a party but learns she is embarrassed by his constant clowning. "What Price Love?"; Recent college graduate Val is courted by rich but humble Gil and her hometown boyfriend Charlie; When Gils car crashes, Charlie risks his life to save him, and Val realizes Charlie is the one she loves. "What's on Your Heart?" advice column by Laura Brown. 52 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #3
    Darling Love (1949) 3
    Published 1950 by Close-Up.

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    Pat Burke photo cover. "Dilemma!"; Jane is raised by her strict and snobbish mother; Unfairly named as the "other woman" in a divorce case (the result of a trick), Jane leaves town due to the scandal and gets a job, incognito, in a department store in another town; Jane dates her boss Chris. "My Just Reward," pencils by Al McWilliams; Reporter Jo thinks actor Van is a cheap showoff but changes her opinion when they fall in love; However, after their wedding, she becomes jealous of his career and fakes an illness so theyll move to an isolated ranch in the West. "Quick Cocoanut Bread Pudding"; Recipes submitted by P. Ward and Marlene Stewart. "Out of the Night"; Ellens abusive stepfather Seth insists she marry rich Nate, but she loves farmer Dave; Dave sells his farm to Nate to get enough money so he and Ellen can elope; Seth tries to stop them and is killed in a fight with Dave, who is arrested. "Girls Who Wear Glasses"; As a child, Myra is forced to wear eyeglasses and her classmates mock her; When shes older, she tries to avoid wearing her glasses, feeling they make her unattractive to boys like Alan; Years pass: Myra gets a job with an insurance company and is shy and anti-social. "Negative" poem by Iris D'Arcy. "I Get What I Want," pencils by Bill Fix; Alice moves to the city to become a model, but has no success until she accidentally meets department store owner Dodd; He gives her a job and they also fall in love. Your Handwriting article; Ellyn Lee analyzes the handwriting of Virginia and Lou Ann. 52 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #4
    Darling Love (1949) 4
    Published 1950 by Close-Up.

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    Imogene Williams photo cover. "Dangerous Love!"; Bettys father Mike runs a logging camp and zealously prevents the workers from approaching Betty; However, she and newcomer Larry fall in love, but when her father threatens to kill him, Betty tells Larry she doesnt care for him. "Heart Sick" poem by Lizabeth Wall. "Love Thief"; Nurse Celia works with Dr. Peter in a malaria control station in the Philippines; Peters wife Elaine is also there: she hates the living conditions but says her husband is her life; Celia and Peter have an affair and Elaine finds out. "Platter Patter" record reviews. "Your Handwriting" article by Ellyn Lee. "Thrill Hungry!"; Although she has an engineering degree, Barbaras father and foreman Red wont allow her to enter a tunnel they are digging; Barbara has herself appointed a city building inspector and goes into the tunnel. Darling Romance #4 ad. "Cinema Chatter" movie reviews. "The Darling Bandbox" article by Miss Darling; Helpful fashion and household hints. "Second Fiddle Wife"; Petroleum engineer Dale and his wife Meg are transferred to Tampico, Mexico; Meg dislikes the accommodations and complains: Dale says hes not leaving but Meg is free to go. "Hello Darling" poem by May Richstone. "What's on Your Heart?" advice column by Laura Brown. 52 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #5
    Darling Love (1949) 5
    Published 1950 by Close-Up.
    • Staple rust. Rust migration. Cover detached.

    Photo cover. "My Heartache of Hidden Love!"; Forest ranger Scott chastises writer Diane for having an open fire at her cabin, and kisses her as well; Diane later flirts with him and flaunts her charms to make him fall in love with her, then rejects him cruelly. "Your Handwriting" article by Ellyn Lee. "I Was a Broken Date Girl!"; Business executive Skippy criticizes the men she dates and they break up with her as a result; She falls in love with Bud but he starts to find fault with her and she calls off their engagement. "Platter Patter" record reviews. "What's On Your Heart?" advice column by Laura Brown. "I Want My Soldier Boy"; Kay is a British war bride who moves to the USA to be with her husband Bill; They must live with his parents, who are cold to her; Kay gets a job so they can find a place of their own sooner, but Bills parents accuse her of marrying their son just to come to America. Darling Romance ad. I Was "Money Mad!"; Rosemary grows up in poverty and vows to be rich some day; Working as a switchboard operator, she dates fellow worker Tom; Tom proposes marriage and she turns him down because hes too poor. 52 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #6
    Darling Love (1949) 6
    Published 1950 by Close-Up.

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    Photo cover. "Hot Love And Cold Hearts"; Maya is a Native American who grows up on a reservation; In college, she encounters racism from white students and returns to the reservation to teach after graduation; Writer Tom arrives to do research and falls in love with Maya. "Good Stuff On Records" LP reviews. "Your Handwriting" article by Ellyn Lee. "Foolish Kisses"; Famous model Janet wonders if shes capable of love since shes never had a sustained romance; However, when she kisses Walter, the head of the modeling agency, they both realize they are in love. "The Darling Bandbox"; Helpful household hints submitted by readers. "Careless Lover," art by Harry Lucey; Secretary Ellen, plain but hard-working, is sent to Bermuda by her company to win a contract; She meets Dan on the boat and hes friendly but she thinks hes engaged to fellow passenger Judy; Later, Ellen is nearly drowned when her sailboat is caught in a storm, but shes rescued by Dan and Judy on their yacht. "Man Proposes" poem by Mary Richstone. A Victim Of Girl Glamour publisher ad. "Honkytonk Girl"; Yvonne is raised by her cynical mother; At 18, Yvonne becomes a nightclub hostess, giving men drugged drinks so they can be robbed; She saves Rex from a similar fate but refuses to give in his romantic overtures for his own safety; Her boss Harry hits Yvonne and warns her not to act foolishly again. 52 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #7
    Darling Love (1949) 7
    Published 1950 by Close-Up.

    Cover art by Harry Lucey. "Men Were My Dilemma!", pencils by Bill Fix, inks by Harry Lucey; Elaines marriage to Larry falters when she thinks he takes her for granted; Old flame Tom reappears and asks Elaine to divorce Larry and marry him; Larry tricks Tom into berating Elaine and she realizes no man is perfect and decides to stay with Larry. "Design for Happiness," art by Pen Shoemaker; Glorias 3-year marriage to architect Johnny is on the rocks: after a romantic beginning, he begins to become "a dictator," demanding Gloria adhere to his orderly routine and regimenting her life; She leaves him. "The Greedy Heart" text story. "Too Fat for Love," art by Harry Lucey; Mona is bullied in high school because shes overweight; Only Tony stands up for her, but she rejects his friendship, believing he just feels sorry for her; As an adult, Mona learns she has a glandular condition and may be fat forever; Gene, who works in her fathers candy factory, courts Mona, but she learns her father promised him a partnership if he marries her. "Goodbye to Illusion" poem by May Richstone. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #8
    Darling Love (1949) 8

    Cover art by Harry Lucey. "Cottage of Love!", art by Harry Lucey; Al marries Devie, his childhood sweetheart; Shes offered a job skating in an ice show, but is afraid "marriage and career dont mix"; Al encourages her and they move to New York; Devie becomes a star, but Al feels lonely and meets old friend Kay in a nightclub; Devie thinks hes having an affair and leaves him. "What's on Your Heart?" advice column by Laura Brown. "Heartbreak Headlines"; Reporter Kevin takes a job as playboy Glenns secretary to get a big story on his love life; Kevin falls in love with Glenn and decides to give up her scheme, then learns Glenn is aware of her identity and is teaching her a lesson. "Stuff About Stars" article. "Second Hand Love," art by Harry Lucey; Carol marries David, a widower with a 10-year-old son; Danny is cool to his new stepmother but when Carol rescues David from drowning, he decides he likes her. "My Unhappy Triangle"; Artist Venetia takes a job with Perrys ad agency; He supports her desire to become a serious artist and proposes marriage; She is grateful to him but doesnt love him; She postpones making a decision so as not to hurt his feelings; Talent agency head Greg dates Venetia while Perrys away and they fall in love; When Perry returns, Venetia has to decide between the two men. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #9
    Darling Love (1949) 9
    Published 1952 by Close-Up.

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    Cover art by Harry Lucey. "Heartbreak!", art by Harry Lucey; Karen and her roommate Vivian go on a double-date with Gil and Joe; Karen is attracted to Gil rather than the "mousey" Joe, even though Vivian thinks she loves Gil; While Vivian is away, Karen dates Gil but hes not serious about her. Stuff About Stars article. "I Loved a Coward," art by C. A. Winter; Carol is a nurse on a construction project; She and worker Jerry fall in love but she thinks hes a coward because he wont stand up to bullying Rocky; Jerry is a boxer who thinks he killed a man in the ring; when he learns his opponent survived, Jerry feels free to thrash Rocky. "My Love Was for Sale"; Department store clerk Joyce grew up poor and wants to marry a rich man; She saves her money for a vacation at a swanky resort hotel and, posing as a rich woman, tries to catch wealthy Greg as a husband; They fall in love but he confesses hes just a salesman. "Love Puzzle," art by Bernie Krigstein; Office worker Tessa and Army officer Dick fall in love, but she presses him to propose marriage and he breaks off their relationship; She becomes depressed and faints from "complete mental fatigue"; Dr. Seymour helps her recover and urges her to move in with him and his mother; Later, he asks her to marry him and she agrees, but only out of gratitude. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #10
    Darling Love (1949) 10
    Published 1952 by Close-Up.
    • Cover detached at one staple. Water damage. Staple rust with migration. Chew.

    Cover art by Harry Lucey. "The Easy Road," art by Harry Lucey; Pams father wants her to marry rich Guy, but she leaves home and gets a job as a cab driver instead; She and fellow cabbie Kenny fall in love; Saving money for marriage goes too slowly and Pam suggests her father might help them, but Kenny refuses. "The Lady Loved a Prince!", art by Harry Lucey; Pauline travels to India with her explorer father; They stay with Maharaja Akbar Ali, whose son Rami is attracted to Pauline; He proposes to her, and this makes his sister Mirah jealous; Mirah explains that Rami is the Maharajas adopted son and she loves him. "Second Hand Kisses"; Fashion designer Rene finances her sister Pats college education; Pat dumps her lawyer boyfriend Les for boxer Hank; Rene decides to break them up by flirting with Hank herself; Hank says he doesnt love Pat but does love Rene; Pat catches them kissing and says shes decided Les is the man for her. "My Dearest Enemy"; Dirk is a government trouble-shooter sent to convince the citizens of Stanton that new government facilities will improve their city; Local schoolteacher Judy is against the plan, but her fiancé Paul, editor of the local newspaper, cant oppose the will of the business community. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #11
    Darling Love (1949) 11
    Published 1952 by Close-Up.

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    Cover art by Bob White. "She Wanted My Man," art by Harry Lucey; Lauras "selfish man-crazy Jezebel" cousin Sue moves in with Laura and her husband Fred; Sue flirts with Fred and Laura goes home to her mother. "Love is for the Living," art by Harry Lucey; Office worker Doreen reveres her late fathers memory and is shocked when her mother Martha says shes engaged to Charles; Greg consoles Doreen and they fall in love; Greg reveals that hes a widower, and asks Doreen if she would deny him and her mother a second chance at love. "Jealousy!", art by Harry Lucey; Linda, recently wed to Jack, is jealous of the other women in his life, including his secretary; When Evelyn, Jacks old girlfriend, moves back to town, Linda worries; Finally, her jealousy provokes an outburst from Jack; Linda realizes shes gone too far and begs him to forgive her. "I Hate Men!"; Car hop Hester is fired for tossing coffee on a lecherous customer; Hester is a single mother who hates men because her husband Gene cheated on her; She's hired as a secretary by private detective Dick, who falls in love with her; Hester rejects his romantic advances because of her previous bad experiences. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.