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Joe Palooka (1945 Harvey) comic books 1946

  • Issue #2
    Joe Palooka (1945 Harvey) 2
    • 2" spine split from bottom.
  • Issue #3
    Joe Palooka (1945 Harvey) 3

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    Cover art by Ham Fisher. Scripts and art by Fisher. "The Secret Mission"; Joe and Jerry drop radio equipment over Montenegro and follow it down to make sure it gets into the hands of the underground; When it does, Joe and his compatriots have to keep it from being seized by German troops. "The Narrow Escape"; Joe and Big Mike are making their way through the Serbian countryside and decide to put on German helmets (souvenirs) instead of carrying them; However, a lady swimming nearby sees the helmets and shoots, wounding Joe and knocking out Mike, thinking they are German; She is Serbian, treats Joe's wounds and has Mike carry him to her cabin, then sends him to the Americans for some sulfa. "The Crisis"; Big Mike returns with the sulfa, but Joe develops a high fever and Nada is worried; She wishes she had chicken broth to feed Joe, so Big Mike volunteers to go behind German lines to snatch some chickens. "Jerry Falls in Love"; Big Mike gets the chickens and Nada begins to fix the broth, and Joe, after eating some, begins to feel better; Then Jerry shows up and when he sees Nada, falls for her like a ton of bricks. "Joe's Recovery"; Joe is recovering quickly and soon it is time for him to return to his friends; Nada goes with him, telling him along the way that she is out to get every German she can because they murdered her entire family. "The Hidden Evidence" text story by Peter Irving. "Luck Piece" text story by Pat Fenton. 52 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #4
    Joe Palooka (1945 Harvey) 4
    • Cover oxidation.
  • Issue #5
    Joe Palooka (1945 Harvey) 5
    • Centerfold detached at one staple. 3/4 " Cumulative spine split.
    • 6 1/4" spine split. Cover detached at one staple.

    Joe Palooka in "The Big Carnival Murder Mystery," "Foul Play," "Innocent or Guilty," and "Fight to the Finish." Boy Explorers back-up story, "A Trip to the Moon" (art by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby). Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #6
    Joe Palooka (1945 Harvey) 6
    • Corner chipping.
    • 4 " Cumulative spine split.