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Atoman (1946) comic books 1946

  • Issue #1
    Atoman (1946) 1
    • Paper: Cream to off white
    • Slab: New, unblemished
    • Label #1107281001

    Cover pencils by Jerry Robinson. "The Making of The Mightest Man!", script by Ken Crossen, pencils by Jerry Robinson; A committee meeting is held in the Atomic Institute to discuss ways that atomic power can be used constructively in aiding mankind, while, at the same time, a Mr. Twist and his henchmen have thoroughly investigated each committee member; Deciding that Barry Dale is a likely weak point, they decide to obtain the secret of atomic power from him and they kidnap him; Barry soon discovers that he is radioactive and assumes the identity of Atoman to battle Twist and his gang. "The Man Who Never Laughed!" starring the Kid Crusaders, pencils by Mort Meskin. "The Tiger Changes His Stripes" starring Wild Bill Hickock. "The Last Assignment" text story; Story about race relations in the US at the tail end of World War II. "Education In Crime!", pencils by Marv Lev. "The Mystery of the Missing Millionaires!" starring Marvin the Great, art by JCA (Jason Comic Art). 52 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #2
    Atoman (1946) 2

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    Atoman in "The Vanishing Vandals" (art by Jerry Robinson), the Boy Champions in "Stilted Action" (art by Mort Meskin), Magga in "The Riddle of the Range," Sam Stupor in "The Case of the Soap Opera Medium," and Johnny Mason in "Zero For Mr. Circles." Robinson cover. Cover price $0.10.