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Beyond (1950 Ace) comic books 1950

  • Issue #1
    Beyond (1950 Ace) 1

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    "The Werewolf Strikes!", art by Frank Giusto; Professor Drago is a werewolf, but working on a formula to keep his human form; But time runs out and Drago gets cornered. "The Reluctant Ghost," art by Ken Rice; At a seance, three people command spirits from the beyond to supply them with beauty, knowledge and money. "The Phantom Puppet," inks by Lin Streeter; Puppet master Lucas creates a wooden doll of Jack the Ripper; To his astonishment the doll comes alive and goes on a murder spree; When no one believes him, Lucas (stabbed by his devilish doll) sets the house on fire. "The Mummy's Curse" text story. "Master of the Undead," art by Al Hartley; Mystery writer Peter Brandon has to do research for a book on zombies; Though flying to Haiti and experiencing a wild zombie chase, he wakes up in his own New York room a week later. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.