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Jughead (1949) Annual comic books 1956-1969

  • Issue #4
    Jughead (1949) Annual 4
    • 2" cumulative spine split.
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    "All's Yell That Ends Yell," script by Frank Doyle, pencils by Harry Lucey, inks by Joe Edwards; After hearing Jughead scorn women once again, Betty decides to pull one of Reggie's pranks on him. "Just Desserts," inks by Terry Szenics; Moose overhears Reggie and Midge disparage a dessert and think they're talking about him. "Package Deal"; Moose strong-arms Jughead into helping him wrap Christmas presents. "Letter Alone," pencils by Bill Vigoda; Reggie tricks Jughead into reading a steamy love letter in front of the English class. "Legal, But Tender," script by Frank Doyle, pencils by Harry Lucey; Archie and Reggie suspect Jughead of counterfeiting U.S. currency. "Trick or Treat," art by Samm Schwartz; Tired of wisecracks about their cooking, Betty and Veronica force Archie and Jughead to cook a meal on their own. "Door Frame," art by Bill Vigoda; Jughead invents an automatic garage door opener with one tiny side effect. "The Eyes Have It," pencils by Dan DeCarlo, inks by Rudy Lapick; Jughead gets a black eye from running into a door and nobody will believe him. 100 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.25.

  • Issue #5
    Jughead (1949) Annual 5
    • 2" spine split from base.

    "Tele-Phonies!"; Archie and Reggie have been making prank phone calls to Jughead, but he gets even. "Hear No Evil," pencils by Samm Schwartz, inks by Terry Szenics; Midge tells Moose he must host a party for the gang; Jughead, Archie and Reggie take turns insulting Moose, who is too busy to understand what they are saying. "Voice of Doom," pencils by Samm Schwartz; Jughead uses ventriloquism to play jokes on Archie and Reggie. "Puddle Jumper!"; Reggie gallantly uses the coat he is wearing to cover a puddle, but it's a coat he borrowed from Archie. "Charm Chump!", script by George Gladir, pencils by Bill Vigoda, inks by Terry Szenics; Jughead is selling lucky horse shoes. "Paid in Fool!", art by Bill Vigoda; Jughead owes Reggie two dollars and offers to do his schoolwork for him to pay back the debt. "Grass Dismissed"; Jughead thinks he has invented a concentrated vitamin plant food. "Fowl Play"; Archie is in charge of the school play production of The Egg and I. "Just a Little Love Nest"; Jughead got Moose into bird-watching and now he doesn't notice when Midge is near other guys. "Short Shrift"; Jughead is wearing Bermuda shorts. "The Passing of the Buck"; Mr. Weatherbee asks Archie to clean out the storeroom. "Cap the Climax"; Archie doesn't want to be seen in the cap and bush jacket that Veronica gave him so he gives them to Jughead who then becomes attractive to all the girls. "Trance Form"; Reggie and Archie try to convince Jughead that he can actually hypnotize people, but lose a bet to Jughead when he turns the tables. "Labor of Love"; Reggie tries to find out what kind of job Jughead has. 100 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.25.

  • Issue #6
    Jughead (1949) Annual 6
    • 3 1/4" Spine split from bottom.
  • Issue #7
    Jughead (1949) Annual 7
    • This is a consignment item. A 3% buyer's premium ($9.00) will be charged at checkout.
    • Paper: Off white to white
    • Label #2122159022

    Cover pencils by Harry Lucey. "Prize Fight," pencils by Harry Lucey; Archie is preparing to box against Reggie for the right to take Veronica to the Frosh Hop; Jughead convinces Archie to spar against Moose, with Moose pretending to get knocked out. "Operation Nightmare"; Jughead's uncle Herman brags about a supposed appendectomy he once performed using a rusty pocket knife; Jughead dismisses the tall tale and heads to the hospital where Betty is interning. "Don't Robot In," pencils by Harry Lucey; Jughead shows off a small remote control robot; Reggie gets the idea to dress up as a life-sized Jughead robot. "The Bad Penny!", pencils by Bill Vigoda; Jughead is such a bad singer that Professor Flootsnoot sends him to gym class; He's so much trouble in gym class, Coach Kleats sends him back to choir class. "Jingle Belles"; Jughead sells the same one-of-a-kind musical bracelet to everyone in the school. "Plague Take It"; Reggie convinces Moose that Midge has a disease called "sagacity" and that it is very contagious. "Around The Whirl"; A travel agent comes into the Choklit Shop to talk to Pop about vacation plans. "Peg O' My Heart"; Archie and Reggie study inkblots at the school psychiatrist's office; Archie decides to analyze Jughead's dreams and give Moose a test putting different-shaped blocks into the correct holes. 84 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.25.

  • Issue #8
    Jughead (1949) Annual 8
    • 6" Spine split from top.

    Cover pencils by Harry Lucey. "Pressure Cooker," pencils by Samm Schwartz; Jughead tries to help Archie get Veronica back, but Veronica finds out how Jughead pressured Betty and Reggie with money they owed him and Moose with homework help. "Mars-Taken Identity"; Jughead's idea for the school play is an invasion from Mars, so he dresses up in a Martian costume at school to convince the faculty. "Troubled Times"; Archie isn't getting in trouble in school; Jughead explains that it's because Reggie isn't chasing Veronica, so Archie thinks he's up to something. "A Medal For Jughead"; The gang feels bad because they've all won medals, but Jughead hasn't; They find reasons to offer him their medals, but he refuses them all. "Money Hungry"; Jughead is the only one spending money at the Choklit Shoppe; The rest of the gang threatens to boycott if Pop Tate serves him. "Snow Flakes," pencils by Samm Schwartz; Jughead shovels snow from the sidewalk and throws half a bucket of ashes on the ice, to prevent slipping. "Flight and Wrong," pencils by Samm Schwartz; Jughead encourages Betty to be a tom-boy to attract Archie's attention; They build a giant box kite and it flies away in the wind with Jughead holding on. 84 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.25.