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Andy Goes to the Parks (1975) comic books 1975

  • Issue #1975
    Andy Goes to the Parks (1975) 1975
    • Pedigree: John G. Fantucchio
    • From the John G. Fantucchio collection, but comic does not include a certificate of authenticity.

    Andy Goes to the Parks (1975) is a promotional comic distributed by the National Parks Service (U.S. Department of the Interior) that stars Andy Capp with art by Reg Smythe. Andy and his long suffering wife go camping. Although warned by a park warden, Andy continually does stupid things like feeding a bear (he gets chased up a tree), swimming in fast currents and excessively cold water, placing his camp fire too close to the tent so that the tent burns to the ground. He even drinks while boating, and doesn't bother to wear a life jacket. The list bad moves on Andy's part goes on. Andy is, in short, a walking disaster, an example of everything we shouldn't do while camping. Andy survives, but those who do as Andy did sometimes aren't so luck. That is the message of this comic. Full color, 16 pages, 6.75-in. x 10.25-in., all newsprint, no cover price.