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Big O Part 2 (2002) comic books 2002-2004

  • Issue #1
    Big O Part 2 (2002) 1
    Published Jul 2002 by Viz.

    by Hitoshi Ariga Even with a massive hole punched in its chest, Dorothy Two, Dorothy's giant "sister" robot, still functions ? and the criminal Beck is behind the controls! Violently wresting control from Dorothy's creator Timothy Wayneright, who designed the android in the image of his lost daughter, he fuses Dorothy to the mainframe of Dorothy Two, taunting Roger Smith to destroy one if he wants to destroy the other! b&w, 48pg (1 of 4) $3.50 Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #2
    Big O Part 2 (2002) 2
    Published Aug 2002 by Viz.

    by Hajime Yatate & Hitoshi Ariga On the foggy seas around the port of Paradigm City, a ghost fleet of military warships still follows their orders from 40 years ago, before the Age of Forgetfulness. A beautiful and mysterious woman, Casey Jenkins, asks Roger Smith to help negotiate with the commanders ? or computers ? of the fleet, sending them both out onto treacherous waters where even the Big O fears to tread. b&w, 48pg (2 of 4) $3.50 Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #3
    Big O Part 2 (2002) 3
    Published Sep 2002 by Viz.

    by Hajime Yatate & Hitoshi Ariga A mysterious killer stalks Paradigm City, wearing a ragged trenchcoat and a stitched-shut smile. When the victims' bodies show signs of being battered by greater than human strength, the police and Roger Smith wonder if this new threat is a robot... or has something even worse crawled up from the forgotten Paradigm Underground? b&w, 48pg (3 of 4) $3.50 Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #4
    Big O Part 2 (2002) 4
    Published Oct 2002 by Viz.

    by Hajime Yatate & Hitoshi Ariga The origin of Schwarzwald, never revealed in the anime series, is finally told in the Big O manga! From the depths below Paradigm City rises the skeleton of a Megadeus, and Roger Smith's Big O must stop its rampage! But only one man, the writer Michael Seebach, knows the truth about the terrible secrets buried in those dark catacombs... a truth he will do anything to bring to light. b&w, 48pg (4 of 4) $3.50 Cover price $3.50.