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Political Action Comics presents Major Flip Flop comic books 2002-2004

  • Issue #1
    Political Action Comics presents Major Flip Flop 1

    In this election year, Senator John Kerry has been called many things, but...superhero?! In POLITICAL ACTION COMICS #1, a new political comic book parody from Comicfix, Kerry and his Pre-Publication limited edition Veep choice become Major Flip Flop and Leftwing, the Wonder Boy! Crafted by veteran humorists Mort Todd (former editor-in-chief of Cracked magazine) and Cliff Mott (the art director of Cracked for many years), the Democratic Duo are on a quest to win the White House from the Diabolical Dubya and encounter an assortment of political allies and enemies! Though set in the super-fantastical world of super-powered politicians, some of the characters's dialogue are actual quotes (though grotesquely out of context). The gags and puns will delight the most hard-core political junkie and comic fans alike as the caricatures are a slam dunk! Besides the featured super-stars, Major Flip Flop and Leftwing, there are many familiar supporting super-players, guest superstars and cameos. Wait until you see the antics of Patrick Leahy, Howard Dean, Barney Frank, Mr. Cristophe, Teddy Kennedy, Theresa Heinz-Kerry, Michael Moore, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton and others representing the heart and soul of America! Also a special message from "Sandy" Berger! FC, 20 pages $4.99 US Cover price $4.99.