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Drax the Destroyer (2005) comic books 2003-2005

  • Issue #1
    Drax the Destroyer (2005) 1
    Published Nov 2005 by Marvel.

    Written by Keith Giffen Pencils & Cover by Mitch Breitweiser The crash of an interstellar prison transport spells big trouble for an isolated Alaskan town when Paibok the Power Skrull, Lunatik, the Blood Brothers and Drax the Destroyer come calling. It's not a social call. Oh... And you think you know Drax? Big, green and not all that bright; is that the Drax you're thinking about? You don't know Drax! The re-imagining of DRAX THE DESTROYER begins here! Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #2
    Drax the Destroyer (2005) 2
    Published Dec 2005 by Marvel.

    Written by KEITH GIFFEN Pencils and Cover by MITCH BREITWEISER. The death of Drax and we're not kidding. Not a crossover stunt, not a sales gimmick, not a hackneyed plot device. In this issue Drax dies... bites the big one... shuffles off the ol' mortal coil... You get the picture. And wait till you see who lands the death blow! Cover price $2.99.