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India Authentic (2007) comic books 2007

  • Issue #1
    India Authentic (2007) 1

    by Saurav Mohapatra For generations, all enterprises in India have been launched with an invocation of His name. He is called the Vinayak - God of Endeavors, Vighneshwar - the Remover of Obstacles. Perhaps the most adored of all in the Indian Pantheon, Ganesha is the God that best represents India - benevolent, wise and noble. Come with us on a journey to witness the origins of a God, a timeless tale of an inanimate golem crafted from primordial clay by Uma, the all-mother. His innocent bravado in defying Shiva, the mightiest of the Gods and even giving up his life to uphold a simple promise he made to his mother, the twist of fate that intertwines his destiny with another and the 'rebirth' of the two as they become one. Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #2
    India Authentic (2007) 2

    Virgin Comics presents as part of Deepak Chopra's INDIA AUTHENTIC, Kali - the story of the most primal and feared aspect of the Indian Mother Goddess, the legend of Kali. She was born in a crimson haze. She bathed in the blood of a thousand hearts, devoured a million creations and smeared on herself, the ashes of infinity...and then she slept. When Rakta Veej the Blood Demon and his unstoppable army of bloodspawns lay siege to Amaravati, the City of Gods, the Gods desperately invoke the slumbering Vampiric spirit of Kali the Destroyer to fight their battle. But once the battle is done, will Kali stop there? or will her primal instincts cause her to turn on the Gods themselves. Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #3
    India Authentic (2007) 3

    'I am INDRA, the son of Dyaus. I am THUNDER! I am the King of Gods! Those that have stood before me have either become friends or have been crushed by my Vajra. Like Virithra, the serpent demon that held the waters of a young world hostage, and who could not be killed by any metal, or wood, or stone. I decimated him with my Vajra, crafted from the bones of the sage Dadhichi. I am the ruler of Svarga (Heaven,) master of the nubile Apsaras (nymphs,) the lord of Soma (The sweet wine of Ambrosia,) and the tamer of Airavaat, the four tusked elephant of lore. I invite you to come see for yourself the might of Indra and the splendor of Amarvati Prime, the city of Gods.' Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #4
    India Authentic (2007) 4

    'One life claimed by tragedy, one birth consumed by the flames of separation, I have been given a second chance by destiny, a second birth, a new life, to redeem myself and reclaim the love of my life. I am UMA, the all-mother. I too am Shakti, the power divine and this time I shall move mountains, march into the very mouth of hellfire to reunite with my love, my liege, Lord Shiva, God of Gods.' Virgin Comics and Deepak Chopra invite you to a timeless lovestory of epic proportions that transcends even the barriers of death and rebirth. Relive the legend of Uma, the benevolent mother goddess and her undying love for Lord Shiva. Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #5
    India Authentic (2007) 5

    by Saurav Mohapatra & Abhishek Singh Created by Deepak Chopra! This issue focuses on Shiva. Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #6
    India Authentic (2007) 6

    VISHNU Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #7
    India Authentic (2007) 7

    Featuring Yama. by Mohapatra, Marz & Virgin Illustrations 'Death is but a pause, in a journey that never ends.' Virgin comics and Deepak Chopra present, as part of the groundbreaking new series INDIA AUTHENTIC, a look at one of the most enigmatic members of the Indian pantheon - YAMA, the Lord of Death and master of the netherworld of Narak. As the first of the mortals to die, Yama was entrusted with the task of forever ferrying souls across to the netherworld to await rebirth. But when he claims the life of a prince in exile, a battle of wits ensues between the Lord of death and the prince's determined wife, who follows Yama to the fringes of the netherworld in an all out effort to reclaim the soul of her husband. Cover price $2.99.