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Punisher War Journal HC (2007-2009 Marvel) comic books 2008

  • Issue #3-1ST
    Punisher War Journal HC (2007-2009 Marvel) 3-1ST

    Volume 3 - 1st printing. "Hunter/Hunted!" Collects Punisher War Journal (2006 2nd Series) #12-17. Written by MATT FRACTION. Art by by ARIEL OLIVETTI, CORY WALKER, SCOTT WEGENER, and HOWARD CHAYKIN. Cover by ARIEL OLIVETTI. The reintroduction of a classic, brutal and bloodthirsty Kraven the Hunter! A bank robbery goes violently wrong - leaving the Rhino on the lam, running from the long arm of the law and, of course, the Punisher. As Frank Castle looks to settle the score with an old foe, the Hunter stalks the same prey, building himself the ultimate menagerie - a living, breathing super-human zoo! Add Spider-Man into this mix as the lone voice of sanity, and you've got chocolate and peanut butter with bullets dipped in it. Delicious! Violent! Explodey! Plus: With WORLD WAR HULK in full swing and New York shut off from the outside world, who's left to protect those left behind? Frank Castle, that's who - and he's none too thrilled. As the insatiable Mung the Inconceivable rampages alone through lower Manhattan, Frank and Clarke help a small band of refugees hold back his relentless onslaught. Hardcover, 152 pages, full color. Cover price $19.99.

  • Issue #4-1ST
    Punisher War Journal HC (2007-2009 Marvel) 4-1ST

    Volume 4 - 1st printing. "Jigsaw!" Collects Punisher War Journal (2006- 2nd Series) #18-23. Written by MATT FRACTION and RICK REMENDER. Art by HOWARD CHAYKIN. Cover by ALEX MALEEV. All the players are assembled...the stage is set...the lights are lowered...and a conspiracy 18 issues in the making begins. This is it: the ultimate revenge saga as designed and engineered by Punisher's arch-rival, Jigsaw! He's killed off the loose ends from Frank Castle's life before the Punisher; he's replacing him on the streets with a leaner, meaner psychotic; and now Jiggy's taking out everyone and everything that Castle holds dear and framing him for it. And this is just the bloody beginning. Hardcover, 144 pages, full color. Parental Advisory Cover price $19.99.