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Emily the Strange (2007 2nd Series) comic books 2008

  • Issue #3
    Emily the Strange (2007 2nd Series) 3

    Emily has a joke for you: What's deliciously satisfying and best served cold?...Revenge! In this third issue of our new miniseries, our poor, unsuspecting readers will be subjected to an education in the fine art of revenge from the mini queen of mischief, Emily. But for this issue she'd prefer to be referred to as "Her Royal Revengenator," okay? Anyway, this issue also contains the third chapter in our ongoing serial "Dead Cat Walking," an all-new guest star artist Trip-Out, and lots and lots of vicious, vengeful revenge. Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #4
    Emily the Strange (2007 2nd Series) 4

    EMILY THE STRANGE #4: THE ALONE ISSUE ROB REGER (W), JESSICA GRUNER (W), BUZZ PARKER (P), RYAN HILL (P/I), and COSMIC DEBRIS (W/I) On sale Feb 27 b&w, 32 pages 7.95 Ongoing Cult favorite Emily the Strange brings her unique brand of dark, dry wit to comics! Emily has often been a lone voice of sanity in a completely wacky and confusing world, but this time, she seeks and finds the true nature of solitude. With or without her posse of clever black cats, strange spirits, and hip and unexpected guest stars, Emily's got what it takes to truly go it alone. Cover price $3.50.