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Zombie Simon Garth (2007) comic books 2008

  • Issue #1
    Zombie Simon Garth (2007) 1

    Written by KYLE HOTZ with ERIC POWELL Art and Cover by KYLE HOTZ. The last time we saw Simon Garth, the bank teller single-handedly stopped a gang of murderous robbers and got shot, bitten by zombies and med-evac-ed straight into Army custody for scientific experimentation as death and the necrotic infection overtook him fast. No problem, right? Find out how Simon got out of THAT one --- assuming he did ---- and check out his further adventures battling the undead ---unless, that is, he's one of them now --- in a brutal, gory, disgusting...awesome re-imagining of one of Marvel's strangest horror heroes, that could only be dreamed up by artist/co-writer Kyle Hotz (ZOMBIE) and Eric Powell (The Goon)! Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #2
    Zombie Simon Garth (2007) 2

    Written by KYLE HOTZ & ERIC POWELL Art & Cover by KYLE HOTZ. On one side: An honest cop just living his life day-by-day and a mysterious woman lost high in the mountains. On the other: An ever-growing horde of the flesh-starved undead, an angry husband and a murderous pair of mountain men. And the only person who can tip the dead. Will Simon Garth, the newly-minted zombie, lose his mind and shuffle after the living in search of delicious brains? Or will this decaying monster become the hero the living need if they're going to survive? Find out in this MAX re-imagining of Marvel's masterpiece of horror, by artist/co-writer Kyle Hotz (ZOMBIE) with Eric Powell (The Goon)! Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #3
    Zombie Simon Garth (2007) 3

    Written by KYLE HOTZ Art and Cover by KYLE HOTZ We're no food critics, but we knows what we likes: delicious living flesh! Warm, gushing blood! Organs and brains rich in nutrients! The zombie horde grows bigger, and the odds grow longer for the innocents caught in the eye of the undead storm. But the living dead have problems of their own! Lost in the woods, hunted by very human predators...and the only person who can save them from the living dead and from themselves is...a zombie? Cover price $3.99.

  • Issue #4
    Zombie Simon Garth (2007) 4

    Written by KYLE HOTZ Art and Cover by KYLE HOTZ Two crashed cars and a downed helicopter in the middle of wooded mountains made for one baaaad day for everyone involved. Before anybody knew what was happening, the zombie infection contained within that army chopper spread like wildfire...and the uninfected aren't any better off! An innocent is lost in the woods, and everyone's racing the undead plague and each other to find her. Now, in the final issue of this gory re-imagining of one of Marvel's most unique horror heroes, it all comes down to one man...the only man who can stand between the would-be victims and a horde of the flesh-eating living dead, a raging forest fire and the monstrous local folk. And that one good man is...the Zombie: Simon Garth! Cover price $3.99.