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Gold Digger (1999 3rd Series) comic books 2008

  • Issue #92
    Gold Digger (1999 3rd Series) 92

    by Fred Perry Gina Diggers has finally made her way into the titanic nerve center of the ancient dragon-slaying colossus, Gigliathon! Once she shuts down its terrible engines and the dreaded psionic howl it emanates, she discovers a bank of information within the relic's memory. Carefully accessing the alien data, Gina unravels images of the final days of her former arch-enemy - the fate of Alfred Steiner Peachbody! Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #93
    Gold Digger (1999 3rd Series) 93

    by Fred Perry At long last, Gina takes her first step into the reaches of quasi-space, the next major hurdle in saving her sister Britanny. That first step's a doozy, though, and the realm's ethereal currents nearly sweep her away! Gina is ready to give up hope, but finds inspiration in little Tiffany and Charlotte's preparation for an afternoon at the local water park - a space-time 'inner tube'! Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #94
    Gold Digger (1999 3rd Series) 94

    by Fred Perry Gina probes deeper into quasi-space, the torrential rift between dimensions, for signs of her missing sister, Britanny. But the forces involved, the equivalent of Jupiter being swung on a ping-pong paddle, wrench her free of her terrestrial anchor! As she tumbles lost through quasi-space's ethereal sea, her only hope is a faint trace of Brit' on her advanced scanning equipment! Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #95
    Gold Digger (1999 3rd Series) 95

    by Fred Perry Countdown To Gold Digger #100: G minus 5! Trapped in the swirling morass of quasi space, Gina and Britanny are reunited within the dimensional maelstrom! In their first expedition together since the start of the color series, the Digger sisters begin their greatest and final adventure: the exploration of the ruins of the previous universe, and the search for the way home! This story kicks of the grand finale of Gina and Britanny's adventures, and it'll take all their experience to survive it! Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #96
    Gold Digger (1999 3rd Series) 96

    by Fred Perry Lost within the formless realm of quasi-space, Gina and Britanny discover a planet-sized shrine of technology. As they shelter within it from the ravenous predators of the area, Gina discovers the shrine's technology is strangely familiar. Indeed, she has at last discovered masterpiece of the ancient architects she's been researching for most of her career - a map of quasi-space built by the Nomad Artificers! Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #97
    Gold Digger (1999 3rd Series) 97

    by Fred Perry Still trapped in quasi-space, Gina and Britanny are exploring one of the real-space anchors left by the Nomad Artificers on the floating island called 'Pahn,' when they're ambushed by the Dynasty's huntsmen! The fight escalates, with the odds against Gina and Brit' growing ever worse, until they have no choice but to flee from the swarming horde of Dynasty shock troops and War Gigases! But when they accidently leap into a nest of Fire Abyssalisks during their retreat, they realize just how much safer they were on the flying Pahn! Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #98
    Gold Digger (1999 3rd Series) 98

    by Fred Perry When the remaining tribes of the Dynasty discover that Gina can access the long-sealed secrets and technology of the Nomad Artificers, they begin an all-out hunt for her capture! Gina and Britanny evade the Dynasty Dragoon patrols, but accidentally discover the final resting place of a friend Britanny thought was safely back home. An enraged Britanny charges the Dynasty search parties' ranks. When Gina tries to save her sister, they are both seized and taken to the Fortress of Worlds' soul furnace for conversion! Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #99
    Gold Digger (1999 3rd Series) 99

    *CAUTION* Copies of this issue have a barcode correction label placed on the cover by the distributor. by Fred Perry Gina and Britanny are rescued from the Dynasty's Soul Furnace by Jon, the spirit-copy of Grandpa Diggers dwelling in his old journal. During the frantic escape attempt, Gina discovers that the Dynasty fortress around them has sufficient power to leave quasi-space. All it needs is a course that will take them home. Then Brit's former friend Crescens, now part of the Dynasty, finds the escapees, and a new battle begins. This time, Brit is determined to snap Crescens out of the Dynasty's control, even if she has to risk her life to do it! Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #100
    Gold Digger (1999 3rd Series) 100

    by Fred Perry Gina, Crescens and Britanny storm the Dynasty fortress to get control of the fortress core, a device that contains the power to open the doorway home. But a trip ticket back to Earth isn't the only reason Gina and Brit' have to hurry. The Dynasty's fortress seems to be linked to a mysterious phenomenon reaching up from the dawn of time to manifest itself. Inside the fortress, Gina discovers the final pieces of a puzzle she's been trying to solve since the start of her career - and she comes face to face with her ultimate destiny! Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #101A
    Gold Digger (1999 3rd Series) 101A

    by Fred Perry New look! New beginning! New characters! New adventures! Everything is all-new starting with this issue! If you've ever thought about reading Gold Digger, this is the jumping-on point you've been waiting for! A wonder of the ancient world is discovered in the Sonoran Desert of Baja California - an entire city, buried and chained to the very bedrock of the desert's floor, straining eternally to return to the skies it once called home. Professor Gina Diggers - archaeologist, super-scientist, and adventurer - is all too delighted to share this discovery with her students from Georgia State University. It means an expedition of extraordinary magnitude and all on a scholarship's dime - or at least that's what Elroy and Kylie, two of Professor Diggers's brightest and most adventurous (i.e., stupid) students believe when they sneak off to explore on their own. When the twin thrill-seekers scramble back to camp with the Phantom Emperor of the chained citadel hot on their heels, it's up to Professor Diggers to prevent its seven tongues from completing a curse that will call forth the umbral horror of the First Age of Chaos. Thankfully, the odds are abruptly evened by the sudden appearance of a were-cheetah-Gina's little sister Britanny, fresh from a three-year world shopping mall expedition! Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #102
    Gold Digger (1999 3rd Series) 102

    by Fred Perry The new-reader-friendly direction of Gold Digger continues! The ancient world of fortress cities, hidden deep within the Earth, is unveiled for the first time in thousands of years. While exploring, Gina is seized by a powerful, vengeful force of evil and whisked away to his hanging citadel, where she is forced to repair the fragments of six ancient weapons of power. Britanny and Kylie assail the citadel walls to rescue her, when the vengeful spirit appears: the undead bones of a powerful, mutated dragon - the five-headed horror of the Age of Wonder, Ittama! If you've never read Gold Digger, this is the perfect chance to get on board! Cover price $2.99.