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Godland (2005) comic books 2008

  • Issue #21
    Godland (2005) 21
    Published Feb 2008 by Image.

    story JOE CASEY art & cover TOM SCIOLI BOOK TWENTY-ONE: UNSPEAKABLE! The showdown in Las Vegas (or what's left of it) between Adam Archer and the Triad takes a decidedly deadly turn! You will all bow down before the terror of the ZARATHUSTRA BEAST! The future of humanity - its very survival - is decided here! THE ULTIMATE COSMIC SAGA RETURNS WITH ITS MOST DEVASTATING ISSUE YET! Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #22
    Godland (2005) 22
    Published Apr 2008 by Image.

    story JOE CASEY art & cover TOM SCIOLI BOOK TWENTY-TWO: DETONATE REALITY SAGA! A terrifying, consciousness-altering secret rocks Commander Adam Archer to his very core! And what is the story of THE TYRANNY FATES - and what is its connection to all of human existence? Bring the noise! COSMIC CARNAGE SET TO SPEED METAL TEMPOS! THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT! MARCH 19 Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #23
    Godland (2005) 23
    Published May 2008 by Image.

    story JOE CASEY art & cover TOM SCIOLI BOOK TWENTY-THREE: WORLDS APART! This is it! The return of NEELA ARCHER! But she's nothing like we remember - she's got the fever, and the only cure... is pressing her own, personal Cosmic Reset Button! But does Commander Adam Archer have a place in Neela's new world order?! Make sure you buy TWO copies and call us in the morning! FOUR OUT OF FIVE DENTISTS AGREE: GØDLAND AS AN EXPLOSION OF IDEAS THAT WILL UNDO THE UNIVERSE OF YOUR MIND! ? 32 PAGES ? FC ? Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #24
    Godland (2005) 24
    Published Jul 2008 by Image.

    story JOE CASEY art & cover TOM SCIOLI BOOK TWENTY-FOUR: TWELVE-FINGER SQUEEZE! Trapped in a world he never made! Wait... That sounds a little too familiar. Okay, try this: Commander Adam Archer escapes this twisted neo-fantasy and gets his cosmic groove on to put a fractured reality back on track! And is this the final fate of Neela Archer?! This issue wraps up Year Two in mind-bending style! TAG: GØDLAND ROLLS OUT OF A GLORIOUS SECOND YEAR LIKE A CHAOTIC COSMIC STEAMROLLER! ? 32 PAGES ? FC ? Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #25
    Godland (2005) 25
    Published Sep 2008 by Image.

    story JOE CASEY art & cover TOM SCIOLI BOOK TWENTY-FIVE: THE MOTHER CUTTER! This is it! The final year of GØDLAND begins here! And if you thought the first two years were cosmically surreal, you ain't seen nothing yet! Adam Archer has an all-new mission - to breach the final frontier in the greatest rescue mission ever attempted! And introducing LEVITICUS and VAYIKRA! Why in the name of Iboga would you dare miss this issue?! ? 32 PAGES ? FC ? GØDLAND YEAR THREE IS HERE TO DEPLETE THE FOSSIL FUELS OF YOUR BRAIN! Cover price $2.99.