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Civil War X-Men Universe TPB (2007 Marvel) comic books 2010-2012

  • Issue #1-REP
    Civil War X-Men Universe TPB (2007 Marvel) 1-REP

    2nd and later printings. Collects X-Factor (2005 3rd Series) #8-9 and Cable and Deadpool (2004) #30-32. Written by PETER DAVID and FABIAN NICIEZA. Art by DENNIS CALERO and STAZ JOHNSON. Cover by RYAN SOOK. Hot on the heals of both smash hits HOUSE OF M and SON OF M, Quicksilver returns! But is he friend or foe!? Complicating matters even more, the divisiveness of CIVIL WAR has spread to X-FACTOR: Half of them want to cooperate with the government; the other half wants to take a stand against it. It's Jamie's choice that may well decide whether X-Factor stays together or cracks apart. Plus: In another corner of the X-Men universe, the CIVIL WAR really hits home! What happens when Cable and Deadpool find themselves on opposite sides of the fence, and both refuse to budge? What else: They fight! But it's not just your usual fun super-hero teeth-chipping spittle-snarling battle. It will change the lives of these two characters forever! Softcover, 120 pages, full color. Cover price $13.99.