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Chronicles of Kull TPB (2009-2012 Dark Horse) comic books 2010-2012

  • Issue #2-1ST
    Chronicles of Kull TPB (2009-2012 Dark Horse) 2-1ST

    Volume 2 - 1st printing. "Hell Beneath Atlantis and Other Stories!" Collects Kull the Conqueror (1971-1978 1st Series) #1-20.

    Written by Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, Steve Englehart, and Doug Moench. Art by Marie Severin, Michael Ploog, Ed Hannigan, and Alfredo Alcala.

    Dark Horse Comics presents the exciting second volume of The Chronicles of Kull, which completes the Kull the Conqueror run with #10-written by Gerry Conway and drawn by Marie Severin-and launches Kull the Destroyer, featuring the creative talents of such esteemed creators as Roy Thomas, Mike Ploog, Alfredo Alcala, and Ed Hannigan!

    This action-packed tome details Kull's surprising exile from Valusia and his return to Atlantis, where he faces the deadly kraken, winged demons, and the god of flame and frost! In these uncertain times for the former King of Valusia, Kull finds allies among enemies and fiends whom he would once have called friends! The Chronicles of Kull Volume 2: The Hell Beneath Atlantis and Other Stories presents Kull the Conqueror and Kull the Destroyer in their stunning original colors, digitally cleaned and remastered!

    Features the writing of the legendary Gerry Conway, Roy Thomas, and Doug Moench! Art by the inimitable Marie Severin, Ed Hannigan, and Alfredo Alcala!

    Softcover, 108 pages, full color.

    Cover price $18.99.

  • Issue #3-1ST
    Chronicles of Kull TPB (2009-2012 Dark Horse) 3-1ST

    Volume 3 - 1st printing. "Screams in the Dark and Other Stories!" Collects Kull the Conqueror (1971-1978 1st Series) #21-29, the short story "The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune" from Conan the Barbarian (1970-1993 Marvel) #25, Conan the Barbarian (1970-1993 Marvel) #68, and "Beast from the Abyss" from Conan Annual #3.

    Written by Roy Thomas, Don Glut and Steve Englehart. Art by John Buscema, Ernie Chan, and Howard Chaykin.

    The Chronicles of Kull Volume 3 collects the last nine exciting Kull the Destroyer comics, tying up all of the loose ends from the previous two volumes and culminating in the most important fight of the former Valusian king's life - the battle for the Topaz throne and his former crown! Kull will need the help of an enigmatic warrior woman, Laralei, and an unlikely ally in arms, Ridondo the minstrel, if he is to conquer a giant extradimensional creature, three scheming wizards, and the wizard's skull-headed master and again rule the Purple Kingdom!

    Volume 3 features a special cover gallery.

    Softcover, 216 pages, full color.

    Cover price $18.99.

  • Issue #4-1ST
    Chronicles of Kull TPB (2009-2012 Dark Horse) 4-1ST

    Volume 4 - 1st printing. "The Blood of Kings and Other Stories!" Collects Kull the Conqueror (1982 2nd Series) #1-2 and Kull the Conqueror (1983 3rd Series) #1-2.

    Written by Doug Moench and Bruce Jones. Art by John Buscema and John Bolton.

    When Kull the Conqueror was relaunched in 1982, the finest fantasy artists and writers were assembled to bring all of Kull's barbaric rage to a new generation of fans! The legendary John Buscema and John Bolton lend their pencils to acclaimed writers Bruce Jones and Doug Moench's epic tales of precataclysm warfare and political intrigue. This volume collects four giant, forty-eight-page Kull stories, including "Eye of the Tigress," about an ambitious warrior woman with a tiger's strength and ties to Kull's past; "The Blood of Kings," which tells of an Atlantean invasion of Valusian soil, and more!

    These stories feature their original colors digitally remastered and restored!

    Softcover, 216 pages, full color.

    Cover price $18.99.

  • Issue #5-1ST
    Chronicles of Kull TPB (2009-2012 Dark Horse) 5-1ST

    Volume 5 - 1st printing. "Dead Men of the Deep and Other Stories!" Collects Kull the Conqueror (1983 3rd Series) #3-10.

    Written by Alan Zelenetz. Art by John Buscema, Bill Sienkiewicz, Charles Vess, John Bolton, John Beatty, Klaus Janson and Marie Severin.

    Kull slew a bloody-handed king to free Valusia from his tyranny, but that act turned out to be the easiest of Kull's reign. King slaying is something of a sport for the upper crust of the jealous Valusian nobility, who have designs of their own for Kull. His sovereignty is threatened from without as well; evil mages, eldritch spirits, plague, and serpent-men would see Kull to an early grave. This volume features original colors digitally restored!

    Softcover, 256 pages, full color.

    Cover price $18.99.