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Hatter M 1859-1872: The Complete Saga HC (2015 Automatic) 5-Volume Slipcase Set comic books 2014-2016

  • Issue #SET#1
    Hatter M 1859-1872: The Complete Saga HC (2015 Automatic) 5-Volume Slipcase Set SET#1

    Set Includes: Volume 1-5 - 1st printings. "Hatter M 1859-1872: The Complete Saga!" Written by FRANK BEDDOR and LIZ CAVALIER. Art by BEN TEMPLESMITH and Sami Makkonen. Hardcover (5 Volumes with Slipcase), 892 pages (Total), full color. NOTE: Volumes are signed and personalized for a fan.


    Volume 1: From the New York Times bestselling novel The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor! Nominated for two Eisner Awards ('Best Limited Series' and 'Best Painter') comes this most-talked about original limited series of the year! Like a violent birth, Royal Bodyguard Hatter Madigan explodes through a puddle on the Champs Elysées from his world in the year 1859, shockingly separated from the future Queen of Wonderland he had been entrusted to protect. Pursued by the police, taunted by nationalistic Frenchmen and challenged by an evil black magician, Hatter must evade the authorities while simultaneously searching for lost princess Alyss. The myth of Hatter M begins here!

    Volume 2: Mad with Wonder: Royal Bodyguard Hatter Madigan's maniacal quest to find Alyss continues. In Volume 2, MAD WITH WONDER, Hatter follows the Glow from London to the battlefields of America's Civil War in search of the lost Princess. The America he encounters is a sprawling, wounded landscape of innocence and energy run amok.

    Volume 3: The Nature of Wonder: Royal Bodyguard Hatter Madigan follows the glow of the setting sun into America's Wild West in search of Wonderland's lost princess. Hatter's stops will include the Grand Canyon and San Francisco's Barbary Coast during the Gold Rush frenzy as this best-selling series comes to its conclusion.

    Volume 4: Zen: Royal Bodyguard Hatter Madigan's search takes an unexpected detour in the Zen of Wonder when he travels 'within' guided by a mischievous and often maddening young girl named Nekko. Nekko's origin is a Zen mystery, but her devotion to Hatter's quest to find the lost Princess is unwavering. After Nekko leads him on a fearless chase across the rooftops of 1871 San Francisco, Hatter must acknowledge her as a teacher!

    Volume 5: Love of Wonder: Hatter M fifth and final volume! Looking glasses shatter as heroes and villains from Wonderland arrive to aid or block Hatter in his quest to find Alyss. Hatter's reunion with his brother Dalton leads to an epic showdown as savior meets assassin in the struggle to control Wonderland's future.