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Comic books July 1936

  • Vol. 266 #1
    Argosy Part 4: Argosy Weekly (1929-1943 William T. Dewart) Vol. 266 #1
  • Issue #24
    Famous Funnies (1934) 24
    • Cover and centerfold detached, 1" spine split from base of comic.
    • 3.5" cumulative spine split. 3 1/2" interior tear.

    Contains comic strip reprints, activity pages, and a text story. In order of appearance: "Strange as it Seems" by John Hix; "Goofie Gags" by Victor E. Pazmiño; "The Nut Brothers" and "Our Boarding House" by Gene Ahern; "Fisher's History of Boxing" and "Joe Palooka" by Al Capp (as Ham Fisher); "Above the Crowd" by Benjamin D. Allen (as Stookie Allen); "Captain Easy" by Roy Crane; "Alley Oop" by V. T. Hamlin; "Somebody's Stenog" and "The Back-Seat Driver" by A. E. Hayward; "Otto Honk" by Bela Zaboly; "Out Our Way" by J. R. Williams; "Boots" by Edgar Martin; "Hairbreadth Harry" and "High-Gear Homer" by F. O. Alexander; "Buck Rogers" by Philip Francis Nowlan and Rick Yager (as Dick Calkins); "Holly of Hollywood" and "Keeping Up With The Joneses" by Pop Momand; "Napoleon" by Clifford McBride; "Herky" by Clyde Lewis; "Flying to Fame" by John Welch and Russell Ross; "Butty and Fatty" by M. E. Brady; "Nipper" and "Footprints on the Sands of Time" by Clare Victor Dwiggins; "Dan Dunn" by Norman Marsh; "Simp O' Dill" and "The Nebbs" by Sol Hess and Wallace A. Carlson; "Jolly Geography" and "High Lights of History" by J. Carroll Mansfield; "Good Deed Dotty" and "Dixie Dugan" by J. P. McEvoy and J. H. Striebel; "The Frog Pond Ferry" by M. E. Brady; "Queenie" by S. M. Iger (as Bob Bliss); "This Curious World" by William Ferguson; "Freckles and his Friends" by Merrill Blosser; "Ned Brant of Carter" by Bob Zuppke and Bill W. Depew; "Flapper Fanny" by Gladys Parker; "Salesman Sam" by C. D. Small; "The Adventures of Jabby" by Tom Carlisle; "Mescal Ike" by S. L. Huntley and Art Huhta; "Seaweed Sam" by Victor E. Pazmiño; "Olly of the Movies" by Julian Ollendorff; "Babe Bunting" by Roy L. Williams; "Amaze A Minute" by Arnold; "S'matter Pop?" and "Honeybunch's Hubby" by Charles M. Payne; "Lena Pry" and "Jane Arden" by Monte Barrett and Jack W. McGuire; "Bobby" by S. M. Iger; "Flight" by W. D. Tipton and J. H. Mason; "Apple Mary" by Martha Orr; "Little Brother" and "The Bungle Family" by Harry J. Tuthill; "Happy Daze" and "Pee Wee" by S. M. Iger; "Such Is Life" by Walt Munson; and "Dumb-Bells" by Charles J. Dunn (as Gar). "Band Music for Bandits" text story by F. S. Saunders. Activity pages by A. W. Nugent. 68 pages. Full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Vol. 16 #3
    Modern Mechanic and Inventions (1932-1938) Pulp Vol. 16 #3

    Volume 16, Issue 3 - July 1936 - Non-fiction mechanical science and technology magazine in pulp format. King Solomon's Gold Mines, Motorized Surf-Board. Softcover, 7-in. x 9 1/2-in., 146 pages, B&W. Cover price $0.15.

  • Issue #6
    Popular Comics (1936) 6
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    • INCOMPLETE. First wrap and centerfold missing. Interrupts art and story (Scribbly page present).

    1st appearance of Scribbly by Sheldon Mayer. Cover price $0.10.